UN Inquiry: Israel Responsible for Attacks on Schools During Gaza War

By Sydney Barakat, Anti Media, April 30, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) A recent UN inquiry found that Israel is responsible for the death of 44 Palestinian Refugees who camped at UN-designated sites last year, during Israel’s horrendous war on Gaza.

Released on Monday, a 207-page report constructed by the UN Board of Inquiry is listed as “top-secret”, although 27 pages of the inquiry were published as an unclassified document.

The unclassified material shows that Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched deadly attacks on schools that were being used as UN refugee sites. These assaults resulted in the death of 44 Palestinians, as well as inflicted injury on 227 others.

Although the independent board of inquiry concluded that Palestinian militant groups had hidden weapons in three desolate UN schools, the board countered the false notion that Israel was operating in self-defense. UN Spokesman Chris Gunness said, “In none of the schools which were hit directly or in the immediate vicinity, were weapons discovered or fired from.”

According to the UN analysis, Girls’ schools were often the target of the IDF’s attacks. Attacks which included firing mortar rounds and the use of projectiles launched by tanks.

There are also explications made within the report that clearly state NO warning whatsoever was given prior to the attacks. As quoted from the document: “no prior warning had been given by the government of Israel of the firing of 155 MM high explosive projectiles on, or in the surrounding area of the school.”

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon appears to be one of the most vocal representatives who are announcing their condemnation of Israel’s actions last summer. And it is stated that he will be delving deeper into the findings at an investigative level.

Palestinian foreign minister Riad Malki has stated exclusively that Palestinian representatives plan on presenting this inquiry to the International Criminal Court. He stated, “We will take the report and will present to the ICC, especially that they are looking these days at our request to do a preliminary study.”

We are eager to find out the conclusions of this report, as it could make a monumental case against the Israeli government, should their actions be found as illegal and as atrocious as the UN indicates.

Almost 2,200 Palestinians were killed as a result of the fighting in Gaza last summer, many of those women and children. 67 Israeli soldiers and six civilians inside Israel were also killed.

I mean, schools? Really, Israel? Who bombs a school?

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