Five Easy Steps to Follow When Someone Dares to Weigh Your Dreams

thH962NM6MBy Yatin Khulbe, The Master Shift, April 30, 2015

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his/her dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours .” – Henry David Thoreau.

After watching a successful businessman on the front cover of the magazine, I dreamt of becoming a businessman. After watching an actor or player receiving the award, I dreamt of becoming an actor or a player.

After watching the satisfying life of government officers, I dreamt of becoming a government officer. After watching the high security for politicians, I dreamt of becoming a politician.

Later I realized that, I was not living my dreams rather I was playing the safe game. It was quite awkward because ‘I’ was not present in my dreams.

I was looking at my future from vision of other people. When I started meditating on my goal, I got an inner call for sharing positive ideas. It is just a beginning phase. Most importantly, I am happy with my inner call.

In order to cherish our dreams, we must keep five things in our mind

1) Your dreams are private lawn, not a public park

Never allow anyone to spit on your private lawn. The people don’t know the real potential of your seeds of hope and determination. Just make a simple deal for everyone- “If you are crossing my personal garden, do not even think of plucking the flower”.

If the person is not supporting you by watering your promising potential, don’t allow him/her to dry your inner curiosity.

2) After some time, critics will appreciate your work

There is no need to worry when your ideas look impossible to other people. If we look at the big picture, these people are not wrong because they are thinking of the outcome from their narrow point of view.

We must have the burning desire to convert a raw plan into an aromatic and tempting outcome.

Ignore all external confusion to embrace the sweet melody of your inner voice. When someone is trying to weigh your dreams, ignore them with a smile.

Maintain your dignity by preserving the quality of your dreams. People will come and go. They are temporary visitors in your life, but your dreams are with you forever.

3) Don’t let anyone weigh your potential

How does it feel when somebody ignores your budding ideas? The heart boils when someone says that “This crap doesn’t fit in the present settings as it has no scope”.

At that moment, those words are not less than sharp arrows which pierce the skin and attack our joyful spirit. Life offers many opportunities.

Without experiencing the dull phases in life, we can’t measure the value of happiness. Preserve your self-esteem by keeping your dreams close to your heart. Nobody can weigh your real potential.

4) Stay erect, when conditions jerk you

We must build powerful blocks in life to face the harsh conditions. The circumstances will shake your identity by jerking you up and down.

If we are able to sustain those jerks, our building will stand erect during the rough weather.

You discover your own reality. Your dreams are like a fuel for the car of your life. If there is a shortage of supply from your inner tank, then your car will stop in the middle path only.

Then, you will have to wait for somebody to pick you up. There is no fun in reaching your destination in someone else’s car. Enjoy life by breathing every moment of your dreams.

5) Self Confidence and Patience is the key

There comes a point in our life when we think about quitting. Our self-confidence gets hypnotized by the black magic of the circumstances.

Strip off all negative covers and kiss your aspirations with lots of love. Whenever you are feeling low, close your eyes and visualize your ultimate aim.

It will definitely give the right amount of boost to charge up the dead battery of your life.

There is no need to explain everything to everybody.

After some time, your work will speak for you only. Move beyond explanations and develop intimacy with your work.

Don’t work on people’s expectations, work for your inner desire. Patience is the most important factor for shaping your life in a wonderful manner.

Over to you

Your dreams are YOUR dreams only. Don’t follow the crowd. Give preference to quality over quantity.

You are blessed with a wonderful life. So, don’t waste it by living someone else’s dream. Nobody can snatch it without your permission.

There will be moments of anxiety, fear, jealousy and hopelessness, but don’t forget the magic of your wonderful dreams.

So, are you ready to follow your dreams?

Author Bio

Yatin Khulbe runs an untraditional self-improvement blog which is all about connecting with our inner buddy in an easy peasy manner. Topics on personal growth, inner peace and happiness are served with a twist. No, expert opinions. Only BUDDYnions. Subscribe for the Free E-book- Bizarre and Unheard Acronyms Exposing Real Meaning of Life

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