Steve Beckow: Our Changing Social Conversation


By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, April 27, 2015

I’m seeing some things that help me understand how our social conversation can change over time.  Specifically, I’m seeing some of the details of how a feature of our conversation that’s regarded as very profound and enduring can still disappear.

I can offer two examples.

The first example is forgiveness. You’d think forgiveness would be a permanent feature of our conversation. But there’s an instance in which forgiveness disappears as a topic of interest.

When love (temporarily) washes away all memory of any injustice having been done to us, as I experienced perhaps a month ago, forgiveness is no longer a needed process and, for as long as the love lasts, ceases to become a topic of conversation.

Without the memory of any injustice having been done, there’s no one to forgive and gradually we forget about forgiveness because we never use it any more. I assert that this would be an instance of a verifiable change in the content and context of our social conversation.

Here’s a second example. When I was experiencing the weight or gravity of the General, (1) his energy field was so dense that it was a non-conductor of  lower vibrational states like fear, anxiety, avarice, etc. It still conducted the higher vibrations.

But I saw no courage in him (and him a warrior) and I wondered why. And then I realized that, where there’s no fear and no possibility of fear, there’s no need for courage.

Courage is like a bouncer that we summon to kick fear out of the club.  If fear doesn’t enter the club any more, there’s no need for a bouncer and, under those circumstances, provided they were permanent, I predict that we’d gradually forget about courage.

This too would be a verifiable change in the content and context of our conversation.

There’s a hypothesis underneath it, that, where personal or social conditions change, our personal or social conversation also changes.

The changed conditions for me were caused by the experience of transformative love and the integration of a soul aspect.

The changes in conversation that those changes brought were (1) there were no more grounds to talk of forgiveness because no memory of past injustices remained and (2) no experience of fear was present and thus there was no more need to think or talk about courage.

In this time of ever-lifting vibrations, where everything is subject to rapid change and thereby comes to our awareness, we see our social processes at work in ways that I don’t think we could have, even several years ago.


(1) The General is the pseudonym I’ve given a past-life military commander more than two millennia ago.

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