Stefan Gonzalez: If I Was To Explain My LSD Experience In Words……


By Stefan Soularis Gonzalez, Soul & Fitness Blog, April 25, 2015

For years, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) has been on my bucket list. About a month ago, the substance made its appearance to me for the first time in my life. Of course, I have been delving into my own personal research on different psychedelics for years but without having an actual psychedelic experience.

Many people who have not researched LSD in a thorough manner or have not taken the substance or have done the substance wrongfully, their perceptions consist of fear, pink elephants and giggling. I knew this was not how an LSD experience was going to pan out before I even took the trip. The trip is extremely hard to put into words. It is almost undescribable, but I want to attempt to do just that.

Of course, I was given this beautiful man-made gift through a friend of mine. We had an amazing sitter who was willing to be there and be sober for our sake. I chewed on 3 tabs of the paper for 20 minutes and swallowed it whole. An hour later, my body started to feel like it was emptying.

At first, I had this overwhelming feeling of hunger. This subsided after about 10 minutes. The room started to vibrate. Every object I can see started to vibrate including my body. Everything started to breathe like they were living. We then decided to get off our asses and go to the beach, in a natural setting.

Upon arrival, the sun beat down on me and gave me the chills. We walked up to the shoreline and sat in the sand. At this moment is when the visuals started materializing. There was a couple and their kids off to left of me taking pictures of the scenery and seemed to be having a good time. The sounds of the kids laughter then created a spiral around my body.

I started seeing these sounds becoming interwoven with the sunlight. The interference patterns that were being created made me understand the connectedness of everything. I did what most people do under these circumstances is wave my hands in front of my face.

The more I waved, the more I saw how my body is interfering with these patterns. A flock a seagulls were living their lives on the shoreline. I can sense their sensitivity to my presence. They were all aware. Our presence was changing the way they lived their usual lives. My own presence was interfering and changing nature in its own original way.

I looked up into the sky and saw one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. Flower of life symbols were scattered across the sky. I looked into this beauty for a few moments and saw how the geometry was pulsing sort of like it was pumping energy into the earth. The size of these patterns were so massive that they were probably about 1/10 of the size of the earth.

Flower Of Life

I would have never thought I would have been able to see such beauty in my life. What I saw was beauty beyond words. After gazing for about 20 minutes, I turn to look at my friend in which I started to feel extreme empathy for. Her face started morphing into different shapes and forms. I looked closer to realize that I was seeing her face in every stage of her life since she was a youngster till old age.

The sight of this was a bit scary at first but awe inspiring as I realized what I was actually seeing. The empathy consisted of me re-living her life. I felt her as a person like I was in her body. I felt her pain, I felt her pleasures, her happiness, her LOVE. This is when the trip took on a whole new dimension.

We scrambled back to the car to get some food and head back inside. Every person that was passing by whether they were driving or walking outside, I was able to tune into them…at will! I took advantage of that opportunity to do so for every person I can possibly do it to. I was able to feel the life force of every person I passed by. This was a bit of an overwhelming experience but I was enjoying this power. I looked down at my hands to see my skin “crawling”.

I was seeing all the molecules that came together to form myself. Nothing was still, everything was moving in infinite directions. I concentrated on the air and witnessed the same properties. I concentrated on objects inside the car and witnessed the same properties. My body was one with the air, it was one with objects, the trees, I was one with everything. Everything seem to hold those same properties.

Fast forward to the end of my visuals. My friends were long gone and I was sitting in my room eating some food and listening to music. Suddenly, an image of my mothers face appeared in my head. Seconds later, it materialized in front of me. Her face was perfectly symmetric. I can easily determine where her physicality begins and ends. Everything about her face spoke perfection and beauty to me. Suddenly the most powerful rush of energy flew throughout my body.

This rush of energy was the energy of LOVE. This LOVE was not just LOVE for my mother, but LOVE for the ALL! I could not do anything else but cry. It was the happiest I have ever felt in my life. This love knew no boundaries, it had no particular direction and no particular meaning. It simply was what it was. This episode of happy sobbing lasted for at least an hour. I never knew how it felt to be truly alive until that moment. I never knew what true unconditional LOVE was until that moment!


Now…maybe one can say that all of this is just stuff in my head. Very well it is. But do not get it twisted. We experience the world through our psyche. Our psyche creates the world we live in. Matter doesn’t form without observation. Substances that alter our psyche alters our universe. I reached a level beyond what I can describe, but was all very physical and grounded to the earth. These words can only describe the experience at a sub-par level. For those who fear this substance, all I have to say is that there is nothing to fear, only to experience.

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