Steve Beckow: The Only March Worth Making

enlightenmentBy Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, April 23, 2015

Assimilating a past-life aspect has had a tremendous effect on me. It isn’t easy to describe something whose operation and mechanism I know very little about So I’ll try to describe its impact on me instead.

I feel like a rock, a boulder. Gone is every element of insecurity or “less than.” In its place is not some overweening pride or “better than.”

It’s simply a stability that seems unassailable, a quiet mind like a windless place, a sense of determination that would allow me to direct and apply the will – if this experience lasted, but I feel it altready fading away.

All of these qualities are value neutral. They just are. All depends on how I apply them.

These are big statements I might ordinarily shy away from making. But I know they need to be said because they create room for others to explore similar, unconventional areas.

I have to akcnowledge that it’s as hard for me to share these matters with people who don’t subscribe to our perspective as it is for anyone else. Hence sharing them here and on GaiaScene is a lifesaver.

I’ve always been able to descend quickly into meditation, but now I don’t need to descend. My normal conscious state is what I would have descended to back then.

And this state solves what has been a great predicament for me until now. I’ve always thought it a disadvantage to be a warrior in an age of peace. How was I to fit in?

But now I see how I fit in.  The task of a warrior in a time of peace is to find that deep place of peace within and make peace with himself. The warrior takes his grit and determination and applies it to go deeply within – the last frontier.

I know that place. I knew it during a spiritual experience I had at Porteau Cove, B.C., many years ago.  I was at a camp site and retreated into meditation to escape all the noise of kids banging on pots and pans outside.

As I meditated, I noticed that there was one place that was not noisy and that place lay at the center of my field of experience. I withdrew my senses inward to that center place just like a tortoise withdraws its neck and flippers.

And when I did a most amazing thing happened, which I’ve experienced at other times in my life as well.

It was as if my entire character did a backflip in consciousness from a standing position up over my head. It landed me in an experience of the Self.

I was again briefly in the experience of who I am.  Not enlightenment. Just a peak moment, a glimpse of the Self. That place now needs to be found again, in full consciousness.

We usually think of a statement like “making peace with oneself” as indicating that a warrior is at war. During the years of following the cabal’s activities, that might have been so, a war of words of course. But I’ve been more an unemployed warrior since then, looking for a job.

Historically I’ve acted out my boredom and discontent by being defensive and jealous of my rights and prerogatives.

But all that’s gone at this moment. I feel strong. “Courage” isn’t even a consideration. There’s an absence of weakness and fear and hence no need for courage.

I’m not going out and fighting a war. I feared that’s how I’d feel if I assimilated the General. But that hasn’t turned out to be the case. I simply feel strong and content.

The proper mission of a warrior of peace is to use his single-minded determination – that is, his will – to find the place of peace within, the inner space where no wind exists, no movement, simply stillness.

That’s the place where God the Mother hands off the Child of God to God the Father.  A march to that place is the only march worth making.

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