Monsanto Profits Fall Another 15% In April

monsanto-profits-15-percentBy Anthony Gucciardi, Natural Society, April 10, 2015

Monsanto is continuing to lose profits into the second quarter of 2015, shedding an exceptional 15% profit amid falling GMO seed sales — even more than most experts projected.

In fact, many backers were absolutely certain that Monsanto would regain its footing after losing millions in last year’s fourth quarter. Some economists believed that Monsanto’s ‘tried and true’ strategy of pushing GMO seeds on farmers would sustain them into the first quarter of 2015. Before the latest announcement of financial loss, I predicted that Monsanto would in fact continue to lose money, as both the agricultural industry and consumers at large take a major stand against anything to do with the company:

“Going further into 2015, it’s clear that this GMO behemoth has many more obstacles to face that will most likely lead to a continued loss… That said, it is clear to me that Monsanto’s continued decline is in full swing.”

The Wall Street Journal reports on Monsanto’s loss in the latest piece entitled ‘Monsanto Profit Falls 15% on Weak Sales, Stronger Dollar,’ which reads:

“Monsanto Co. said its earnings fell 15% in its fiscal second quarter, missing analysts’ expectations as corn-seed sales weakened and a stronger U.S. dollar pressured results.”

And outside of government assistance (remember the USDA fast-tracking their testing process just to give Monsanto speedy approval?) or a new multi-mullion dollar brainwashing campaign to defeat GMO labeling initiatives that keep popping up around the nation that uses even more deception than ever before, it’s clear that Monsanto will continue on a downward slope. Granted, these things are most certainly possible.

After all, we are talking about a company that has ties deep within the United States government, to the point that the US State Department was literally paying for its marketing DVDs to be sent overseas.

But let’s get back to the profit dive. It was during this quarter that Monsanto’s true descent began, bleeding over $156 million according to reports by the Associated Press and others.

For the first time, we were seeing the ‘indestructible’ Monsanto and its many GMO investors having to face the reality that their GMO-laden products are in fact facing a global rejection. Other juggernauts soon came onto the scene, highlighted for their similar loses. These included:

  • McDonald’s
  • Coca-Cola
  • General Mills
  • Kraft
  • And many others.

As you can see, a true shift has begun in the realm of food. The people have ultimately decided that they are going to take their food supply back from the many corporations who wish to taint and control it. The result: we will continue to see many other multinational companies continue to lose profits unless they change their game.

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