Dutchsinse: West Coast Earthquake Activity – Dormant Volcano in California + Oregon 4.2 Magnitude

From Dutchsinse.com, April 7, 2015

As we were watching for, a 4.2 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Oregon, near the fresh undersea lava fields which were found in 2012 by the USGS.

earthquakes west coast april 7 2015

In the most recent earthquake forecast, Oregon was fully covered, and the expected movement has now hit the area warned.   Warning issued on April 2, 2015…  7 day watch time peroid.  Hit on day 5 of the 7 day watch.

Video forecast for Oregon coast here:

In addition to the larger movement in the Pacific Northwest, there were multiple earthquakes which struck near “Red Mountain” Volcano in Central East California.

Screenshots below from Google Earth show the multiple dormant volcanoes located near this earthquake swarm epicenter.

The nearest volcanic cone is Red Mountain, part of the lower Inyo crater complex associated with Mono Lake supervolcano.  Just to the North of Red Mountain is “Crater Mountain”, which was a previous earthquake swarm location.

california dormant volcano april 7 2015 red mountain aberdeen ca 1

california dormant volcano april 7 2015

california dormant volcano april 7 2015 red mountain aberdeen ca


Magnitude / uncertainty 2.7 md± 0.1
Location / uncertainty 37.043°N 118.390°W± 0.3 km
Depth / uncertainty 11.3 km± 0.7
Origin Time 2015-04-07 18:53:17.990 UTC
Number of Stations 25
Number of Phases 24
Minimum Distance 14.26 km (0.13°)
Travel Time Residual 0.07 sec
Azimuthal Gap 98°
FE Region Central California (40)


Magnitude / uncertainty 4.2 mwr± 0.1
Location / uncertainty 43.147°N 126.304°W± 6.1 km
Depth / uncertainty 10.0 km± 2.0
Origin Time 2015-04-07 14:54:44.150 UTC
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 113
Minimum Distance 280.41 km (2.52°)
Travel Time Residual 0.99 sec
Azimuthal Gap 178°
FE Region Off the coast of Oregon (30)

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