Romeo Baron: How Soul Growth Affects Relationships

How Soul Growth Affects Relationships in5d in 5d

By Romeo Baron, In5D, March 31, 2015

Thousands of people all over the planet are shifting into higher states of consciousness and this is reflecting in our everyday relationships with people and society all around us. A lot of relationships are falling apart, mostly because one of the partners is starting to vibrate at a much higher frequency then the other. This is true for families and friendships as well.

Many will want to stay stuck in the negativity, they fear to shift into a much higher frequency. This is their soul choice. What will happen is those individual souls won’t be able to adjust as the higher frequencies of divine light vibrates through the outer and the inner earth.

Under such circumstances, one partner will be stuck or hung up about material satisfaction and very much into dense forms, and not at all activated from deep within their inner core being, while the other partner will be very much activated. Eventually all the glue in the world will simply not hold the relationship together.

This is part of the soul growth transition. One must understand that all marriage contracts and being bound legally have no jurisdiction in the higher realms of being.

Divine love vibrates at certain frequencies. A true partnership happens between two people who are on the same vibrational frequency wavelength, Like attracts like, and their coming together will be in higher service with such a bond that will not disintegrate because of having the same values and same being, seeing and experiencing spirit in action.

Those who have been through deep inner core shifts in higher consciousness in the last few years have this inner knowing that there is a deep divine love within them that is above and beyond words.


  1. This is absolute the truth. It is very difficult circumstances to live in such a relationship. It started to happen to me in 1987. As life goes on I was not aware what was going on. I have read many books and have shared certain concepts with my family members, but each time the discussion was a disaster.

    The only way to survive is to stay quite.

    Awareness blessings,



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