Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: Robbie asked, “God, When Will the Happiness Come?”

heaven_logo_largeHeavenletters: Robbie asked, “God, When Will the Happiness Come?” Received by Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org, March 28, 2015

God said:

Yes, Robbie, when will the happiness come? I will answer you, yet I won’t give you a date.

It isn’t so much that I answer questions. I answer the hearts of people who ask questions. If I answer: The world will sparkle in amazing Divine Light on a specific date in 2016… this isn’t really a helpful answer. It doesn’t help you to grow. Let Me tell you more.

My children tend to think that happiness is an outside job. It is such an inside job, you have no idea. Heavenletters that emphasize this point already exist. You have read them. Still, you are waiting for happiness to be handed to you. I tell you not to wait.

Let Us just say as an example that you won the $280,000,000 million dollar lottery. Let’s just say this for the sake of convenience. You would be happy, yes? Extremely happy, and this happiness will last a while, but not forever.

The happiness you gain will last longer than the happiness you might get from a lollipop, yet the happiness doesn’t last forever. You find you have other problems to solve. You have people asking you for money. Do they like you for yourself or for your money? You still have to handle your money. Meanwhile, you still are longing for your true love.

Okay, let’s just say that you won the lottery today. You are very very happy indeed. Excited. Overjoyed. Delirious with joy. You even have a little smile on your face right now with the thought of it.

At the moment of extraordinary joy from winning a fortune, the matters that usually make you unhappy won’t have power over you any more — for a while! If someone gives you a dirty look, you probably won’t even notice. If you did notice, what would you care? If someone walking past jostles you and doesn’t say, “Excuse me,” you wouldn’t care that he was rude and showed no respect for you. You have other happier things on your mind. The fact is that at this time in our story, what might have bothered you before won’t bother you now, certainly not to the degree it used to.

Why not? Because you’re simply too happy to get sidetracked from happiness. An outside event such as winning the lottery can make you very happy. An outside event such as a car accident can make you feel very unhappy.

Happiness itself isn’t outside you. Nor is unhappiness outside you. You bring them in.

You might say, “God, what if in that car accident I broke both legs, are You saying I caused my own unhappiness?”

Yes, I am. I’m not saying you would like breaking your legs. I am saying you wouldn’t use two broken legs as an excuse to be miserable. All depends upon how you deal with whatever you have to deal with. It doesn’t depend upon what has happened to you.

I’m saying that there have been people with no legs who have won races and other kinds of tournaments. They outdid those with legs. There have been people who kept their own legs but were told they would never be able to walk. And these very people did walk.

Innocent people have been imprisoned for maybe thirty years or the whole rest of their lives and died in prison, yet they made peace with their lives, and they made their lives worthwhile for themselves and others. What is their secret?

I will tell you. The secret is that they didn’t hold on to the unfairness. They got on with their lives.

If you truly want to be happier than you are now, then be happier right now.

Look at all your blessings. Look, you asked a question of Me and got an answer. Not the answer you wanted. You wanted a specific date. With your thoughts, you can now feel disappointed, even aggrieved. With your thoughts, you can also feel glad and grateful. This is great wisdom in life I am giving you right now. Roll with the punches, Robbie.

I could tell someone the exact moment he will become enlightened. He still might well not be happy because he has been expecting great happiness to be given to him on a silver platter.

Everyone has a choice about how he will receive happiness. Everyone has a choice about how he will give happiness. Be a receiver, yes, and be a giver.

And so I ask you, Robbie: When will the happiness come?

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