Jayme Price: Weekly LightBlast – 3.28.15

By Jayme Price, Weekly LightBlast, March 26, 2015 (For March 28, 2015)

There are those that resent the “failings” of the human mind. That it can be distracted, fooled or controlled by another are not failings. Do not let your power be distracted by those that focus on the lack or the problems. Live the solution.

The vulnerabilities of the human mind are part of the strengthening of the being. Vulnerability is not a weakness unless you choose not to understand its value. Vulnerability is the valuable ability for one to be open enough to change. Change is a choice, a gift of the mind.

Do you choose to let your empathy become an Understanding that connects you to another? Do you choose to let your Absolute knowing of the power of Love bring change to your world? Do you choose to move forward on the path of progress that a powerful, connected mind creates? Choose, blessed being, for your choice progresses you and Life. You are such a being of powerful creative abilities, that there is no wrong choice, merely a direction. That direction is able to be shifted at any moment. Choice continues.

As we sit to Blast Creating from the Human Mind, we are expanding our brilliance and shining our electromagnetic grace into the darkest corners.  We are embracing our ability to forgive and forget, remembering the freedom of Love within.  We are perceiving new solution in old problems, understanding that not all are ready for the responsibility of their own power.  We are nurturing change with the patience that allows direction to be found within.  Blast on!

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