Golden Age of Gaia – News Special Edition: Is One-World Religion a Reality?

Image: movie The Matrix (1999)

By Gavin Harrill, The Golden Age of Gaia, March 24, 2015

Has the concept of “freedom” truly fallen by the wayside, and our government reps forgotten all about it? Is it possible that maybe, just maybe, they never really cared about it? I believe the latter, and that in 2015, when their plans for a new world order have disappeared, they are simply pulling out all the stops in their attempts to get back in the power seat. It’s my belief that train has left the station.

“Last September, Israel’s former President Shimon Peres asked Pope Francis to head a future ‘UN of religions,’ a proposed organisation with ‘unquestionable’ authority to proclaim God’s will. Peres argued globalizing faith under a single world authority is required to combat terrorism. Is this concept, which has major implications, really about peace, or is there a darker agenda behind it?”

There is so much that doesn’t sit right for me with the quoted summary from this article, wouldn’t you agree? “A UN of religions… unquestionable authority… to proclaim God’s will… globalizing faith under a single world authority… to combat terrorism.” Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy (feeling much sadness and grief).

A part of me is in grand disbelief that politicians and presidents still iterate such statements. From countless regions around our golden globe, people everywhere cry for freedom and liberation (and in many areas for water, food, shelter, and electricity just to survive), and yet governmental workers who say they are representing the people speak such statements as wanting to create a one-world religion to combat terrorism?

But I get it: This is another drawstring to tighten in their desire for global control… giving us little wiggle room, little freedoms to move about, little opportunity to stand up for ourselves. It’s hard to witness that this type of message is still being aired across our world, being placed in the consciousness of world leaders, and being implanted into the fear matrix of humanity.

Since they have voiced it, and since we know how our governments want us to receive it (to keep us in fear and anxiety), let us not succumb to another assault on our freedoms.

They’re proposing a “UN of religion”? Alternative media surmises that our UN is under the control of our beloved corporate cabal. Why do we want a UN of religion, which gives the cabal even more power? I’m of the opinion that we do not want a UN of religion. And yet our politicians want to create this for us.

They’re proposing “unquestionable authority” in proclaiming “God’s will.” Whoa, stop the presses! God never said let one person have unquestionable authority over another person …never ever. Furthermore, since we all have different religious and spiritual beliefs –as any country, government, and planet would– then God’s will is, by definition, slightly different for each person, right? There’s not one Path back to God. Father-Mother-God respects each individual, and as such, respects every path which returns to Source (which, ultimately, are all of them).

They’re proposing “globalizing faith under a single world authority.” If this would happen (and I do not believe it would), where would our uniqueness go? Where would our delightful flavor and diversity reside? The true beauty of this world could arguably be our ethnic and cultural individuation.

For each story I write here at Golden Age of Gaia, I conclude with a friendly and unifying “We Are All One.” This has much meaning for me on multiple levels. I AM stating that “oneness” is all-encompassing: We are the same species… homo sapiens (and yet that’s changing right before our very eyes –as we transmute our DNA and change into crystalline Beings).

The same species, and yet so different at the same time. How fantastic is that!! I do not want to look like anyone else, or talk like anyone else, or think like anyone else, or be like anyone else. I want to be me, and bring to the table my unique gifts… my individuality… my personality.

They’re proposing this one-world religion will “combat terrorism.”  I must be missing something here, because I don’t fully see how that will help fight terrorism. I very much appreciate Unity Consciousness and Oneness, and if everyone concentrated on defeating terrorism, then maybe we could defeat it through a collective one-world effort? Maybe that’s what our world leaders are implying….

“Despite their superficial differences, the core argument Peres and (former PM Tony) Blair make is the same: Religious extremism is responsible for today’s conflict, and a global political authority needs to wield control over religions.”

Alternative media has been saying for years that “terrorism” is the direct result of our corporate cabal masterminding bombings and shootings for decades. If that’s true, then this attack on religion is simply another pawn being used to attack our freedoms: Freedom of Religion –First Amendment of the US Constitution.

If alternative news sources are accurate, then there is a secret government behind closed doors paying off politicians, companies, and people to commit acts of terror, in a grand scheme for world control.  If we view the world through these lenses, then our world starts to make sense …a lot of sense!

Viewing the world through said lenses explains just about everything… It explains why politicians do not listen to the people who voted them in, and instead do their own agenda.

It explains why governments continue to strip away our sovereign rights and freedoms.

It explains why we continually find chemtrails in our skies, lead in our paint (previously), arsenic in our chicken and apple juice, fluoride in our water and toothpaste.

It explains why banks and corporations are bailed out of dire financial straits, and Mum & Pop businesses are left to sink.

It explains why cancer and other diseases have not found a cure.

It explains why hemp –with no active THC– and the healing properties of medical marijuana are illegal.

It explains how the concept of “terrorism” is the reason for eroding our freedoms toward a global martial law, so no one would have any power or authority to question the government.

Is it hard to believe the cabal really exists. When I first started down this rabbit hole and decided to take the “red pill,” I was in total disbelief and denial that a secret government could exist –and that is exactly what they are betting on will be everyone’s response. And so it is: Many people’s first reaction is denial and disbelief.  And that’s okay.

Personally, I believe they tried a worldwide reverse psychology trick on all of us. The good thing is that humanity is becoming too aware. We have decided to reclaim control over our lives, which allows more and more Light to fill us, in turn, enabling us to be open to more truth.

Further, with so much Light permeating our world, there is literally no more nooks and crannies for the dark to hide, which is why so much corruption and scandals are being revealed day after day. Be open-minded. Be open-hearted. The missing pieces will be uncovered for us in perfect Divine timing exactly when we need to know the full truth.

Alternative sources have done much work by sharing information, correcting mis-information, and dispelling dis-information so that each of us, at our own pace, can digest this hard to swallow jagged “red pill.”

Fortunately, for all of us living in peace and integrity upon Lady Gaia, our beloved cabal’s schemes for both a one-world government and a one-world religion is no longer in the plans. The possibility for that happening in our world is no longer a reality… is my understanding. Through our hearts opening and slowly but surely coming together, we –you and me– have closed that door and have taken it off the table of options. Go humanity!

Spirituality in the New World Order: Is a One World Religious Authority in Formation? by Matthew Butler. Global Research.

Across this beautiful world, We Are All One.

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