Steve Beckow: An Integrated, Direct and Unitive Spirituality – Part 1/7

Sacred 11By Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, March 23, 2015

The notion of an integrated, direct, and unitive spirituality arose in a conversation between members of InLight Universal, a lightworker radio team. It was a collaborative effort and represented one future direction we were considering taking.

Perhaps I can help that undertaking by offering some initial thoughts on that subject.

If we’re to have an integrated, direct, and unified spirituality, we have to answer the question why?  Why would we want such a thing? What need is there for it? What benefits does it offer us?

These questions cannot be answered without knowing and understanding that there’s a purpose to life, that life is not a random process but an intelligently-designed one.

We talk about life being empty and meaningless. Nasty brutish and short and then you die … so live it up. Etc. etc.

The thrust of these statements is not true. Life is rich and full of love, endless, and worth traversing intelligently for the bliss that that can bring us.

To agree that life has a purpose, you’d also have to agree that there’s a God.

If you agree to that, then the purpose of life for all of us created beings is to know our true identity, our true essence, and in the knowing eventually merge with, the God that we all are.

Everything is God. There isn’t a blade of grass that isn’t. But only some beings actually know that they’re God. It’s this knowing that’s missing for the rest of us.

The purpose of life is to know ourselves as God and ultimately to merge back into the Transcendental Void that God is.

That isn’t the end. We emerge again, according to Archangel Michael, as and when we’re needed.

If God could be said to have any purpose in anything, God’s purpose in creating this whole dream-world that God then goes and lives in would be “delight.” He/She (God has no gender) created it to see and experience Him/Herself in a moment of our enlightenment.

At that very moment, God meets God and for that meeting was all of this created.

Worlds upon worlds, universes upon universes were created by God wearing another mask (not to get ahead of myself) so that God could meet God for His/Her own delight.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss the “why” of spirituality.

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