Steve Beckow: First Corollary: We Are Love

Love 4By Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, March 17, 2015

The first axiom of the new social science of love is that love is everything. We looked at that axiom earlier. (1) The first corollary that arises from that axiom is that we ourselves are love.

In other words, if love is everything and we are part of everything, then we too must be love. By the same token, if God (another name for love) is everything and we are part of everything, then we must also be God.

One of the first new revelations about ourselves that the social science of love uncovers is that every one of us is nothing but love. There is nothing about us that is not constituted from love. Let’s look at what some of our sources say on the matter.

Archangel Michael explained that “you are all now going through remembering. That is truly what a very significant part of the renewal and the Ascension process is about.”

What is it we’re remembering? “It is remembering and re-embracing the fact that you are nothing more than love.” (2)

Elsewhere he said that: “Love is a natural state of Being. Love is a life-sustaining, inborn condition.” (3)

Mary Magdalene through Fran Zepeda asks us:

“Do you understand deeply that YOU ARE LOVE? As you accept the perpetual divine energies pouring into you constantly now, you are no doubt establishing a much deeper understanding of that. As a part of Source, you are also the essence of Source: Love.” (4)

She explores the matter more deeply with us.

“Love makes up every particle of your Being. It saturates the smallest particle of you, and all of you, to the extent that you allow it. You are a walking, talking entity of Love, a carrier of Love, a perfect example of Love Manifest to all who are awakening.” (5)

To fully actualize this state of affairs “requires you of course to not only demonstrate it to others, but to feel it deeply within your core – in every cell, and every smallest particle of every cell and energy system in your Being at all times. You are a floating, thriving, penetrating, pulsing vehicle of Love.” (6)

As our crystalline bodies come online, she says, “it is essential that you not separate yourselves now from your Crystalline Body, your Christ Consciousness and your Love Essence, in how you look at yourselves. … The more you are aware of this in every Now Moment, the more you will be able to actualize your True Divine Essence, and thus so your every dream.” (7)

St. Germaine tells us that “you are the love you give, receive, and experience in every form, every cell, every molecule, every expression, every look, every glance.”

“Your capacity to love is infinite and eternal, because that’s the essence of who you are. And it transcends form. It transcends every lifetime. It transcends everything that you can possibly conceive of.” (8)

Saul calls us “Love incarnate” and tells us that it’s our divine destiny to fully know and experience this.

“You cannot and could not be anything other than That because It is the ground of your being, the Essence from which you were created, It is your real Identity as sons and daughters of God, One with Him always.

“You are each individual aspects of His divine Perfection. To know and experience this is your destiny, your inescapable destiny, and that alone is reason for you to spend your lives rejoicing.” (9)

He explains that “everyone wants to be loved, everyone yearns for Love, because Love is your nature, and without It you are totally bereft.” (Saul, November 11, 2013.)

Jesus asks us:

“How could you possibly be unworthy of the substance of your being? You were created in Love, by Love, from Love – there is nothing else – which is just another word that signifies God, the Source of all that exists, and of which every sentient being is an essential and inseparable part.

“Separation from that Source is inconceivable, unachievable, utterly impossible. You are constantly and eternally one with God, period. No further discussion of this divine truth has any meaning.” (Jesus, through John Smallman, April 19, 2013.)

He asks us to let go of “the illusion [that] would persuade you that Love comes from another, or from God, but, as is now finally breaking into your awareness, God is Love and you are all aspects of God Consciousness created from Love, and therefore, of yourselves, you are Love incarnate.” (Jesus via John Smallman, August 4, 2013.)

Your bodies, and their apparent unending needs have hidden the truth from you, but now you are no longer able to keep that truth at bay. You have chosen to awaken, and that choice has intensified the power of the Divine energy field in which you are securely and eternally enveloped, so that you can no longer deny or ignore it.” (Jesus via John Smallman, August 4, 2013.)

“To Love is to awaken, and to awaken is to Love,” he tells us.

“And that is what is happening on Earth at this moment. You are about to start rubbing your eyes and splashing water on your faces as the new day dawns – the eternal Day that the illusion hid from you and which is not new but is brilliant and unchanging, just as it was created.

“You are Love, you have always been Love, you always will be Love, and that truth is finally breaking into your collective awareness, leading to enormous changes all across the planet.” (Jesus via John Smallman, August 4, 2013.)

The Angelic Guides through Taryn Crimi make the same assertion: “Love is who we all are. It is what we are all made from.” (“Angelic Guides: Love Knows No Boundaries,’ channeled through Taryn Crimi, July 12, 2013 at

Hilarion reminds us that we need to release the protective shield we have placed around our hearts to feel the love that we are.

“It is always beneficial to remind yourselves of your true nature and that of course is, that you are a Being of Love.

“Love is the bottom line in all things and in all situations; sometimes, however, it needs a deeper introspection within yourself to connect with your heart in order to feel it.

“Many of you, at one time or another have been hurt or wounded in some way in your interactions with others and this has caused you to put shields of protection around your heart which can keep you from experiencing all that is good in your life now. It is time to release these now, Dear Ones.” (Hilarion, June 2, 2013.)

How do we know we’re love? St. Germaine tells us that we know that by knowing the divine spark (the Self, the Christ, the Atman) placed within our hearts,

“So, how, in the realm of creation, could you know the Unknowable, the Unseeable, in many ways the Untouchable? Well, how you know is that spark, that essence that is implanted in your very core, your soul, your essence, your spiritual DNA, so that you are love, so that you will know love, so that you will be always, if you choose — but even if you don’t choose, my friend, it is still there — so that you are always in that state of being, of knowing, of the wisdom of the sublime joy.” (“St. Germaine on Allowing Love to Transform Us,” channeled by Linda Dillon, January 16, 2014, at

And how do we know this love? St. Germaine tells us that we know it through bringing ourselves into perfect balance through acceptance and surrender, with God’s indispensable assistance. He explains:

“What is love? Love is the completeness, the integrated, unified self in perfect balance, in perfect balance with the All.

“Now, how can that perfect balance ever exist? Think of it. If you were to use the scales of justice — Sanat Kumara would lend them to us, I am quite sure — and if you place your essence, your spark of divinity on one side of the scales, and then you place the totality of the One on the other, well, it would not be in perfect balance. Or would it?

“How do you bring this into the place of balance? Surrender and acceptance. As you accept more love from Source, from the heart of One, the scales come into balance. It is arranged by the Divine. It is created infinitely and in divine perfection that it come into perfect balance because you allow yourself to be filled with the essence of all creation.“ (“St. Germaine on Allowing Love to Transform Us,” channeled by Linda Dillon, January 16, 2014, at

As our first sally into the social science of love, we’ve looked at the fact that, love being all there is in creation (and beyond), we must then ourselves be love. Love is our essence, our nature, our being and we come to know that fact by surrendering to and accepting love.


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