Steve Beckow: All There Is to Talk about

TalkBy Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, March 16, 2015

In a very real sense, all there is to talk about is love and the barriers to love.  Is that not so?

Is there anything important in life that’s left out of the sweep of that statement?

Love is everything, including us. The full realization and embodiment of that love is the purpose of life, is it not? If we fully embodied that love, we’d know ourselves as God.

Since God is all there is and love is all there is, God must equal love.

If we are part of everything that is, then we must equal love as well.

I’d imagine that far more people will warm up to the idea of love than the idea of God. In terms of building a workable cross-cultural spirituality, I personally am more inclined to talk about love than God.

So all there is to talk about is love and the barriers to it. What barriers? All the obstacles we put in the way of being and feeling love. All the vasanas by which we introduce density into our bodies in the form of muscular tension or diseases which our thoughts have created. All the blind programming we follow, the false grids that go into the building of our identity or constructed self.

Any barrier placed in the way of love is ultimately foolish. But we’re allowed to do it and we do it.

All our contrived means of “getting by,” of “passing” and “making do” are unnecessary in a world where love is known and felt. There love alone provides all the answers.

Take all of these obstacles and wrap them in shipping cellophane. And wrap them and wrap them again. And send them off to the Mother for incineration because none of it is needed.

I can’t prove these statements to you. They’re an article of faith for me. But now I see that I create with my thoughts. Therefore the reality that I don’t need any of that stuff and that I can send it off to the Mother and be done with it is something I’m creating with my thought.  Faith actually does work in a universe where thought is creative.

All there is to talk about is love and the barriers to it.  Shhhhh…. Big secret….

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