Bella Capozzi: Scribbles From An Interdimensional Journey

Bella Capozzi blog pictureBy Bella Capozzi, March 12, 2015

My meditative and nighttime dream experiences are normally especially vivid, and because I have a somewhat photographic memory, I’m able to bring things back with me in fairly accurate detail.  I often go to a beautifully decorated room with a cozy window-seat and a curved picture window.  It looks out onto a dark and starry vista, and it is almost imperceptively moving.

White is the predominant color, and there are sparkling crystal chandeleirs, colorful, embroidered pillows strewn about and delicate white pieces of furniture.

Although the trappings are very feminine, it also has a sort of contemporary and “techy” feeling.  I’ve been told that this is, in whatever sense, “my room”, and I’m pretty sure that I know where it is.  And I go here often. There is also a magenta-colored book, and I always see myself writing in it. 

A couple of years ago I came back with this particular piece, which caught my attention  when the pages fell open of thier own accord.  When I shared parts of it on my old blog, I was under the erroneous assumption that it was a channeled message, but have since learned that it is not.

This past week, it has kept reappearing in my consciousness, over and over and over again, as I’ve been asking for some obvious guidance and intervention, as I weather the effects of this incredibly intense incoming energy.  So here it is again, complete in it’s original format.  I hope that it will offer some solace to you as you ride the wild, energetic rollercoaster that is the current planetary alignments.  Namaste!


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