Steve Beckow: Love Is All There Is

Love 222By Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, March 8, 2015

How easy is it to comprehend something that is all there is? And even if we did comprehend it, intellectual knowledge is not powerful enough to cleave the space and bring Light. Only realized knowledge is.

Nonetheless intellectual knowledge is a first step. Here I want to listen to those of our sources who say that love is all there is.

Jesus through John Smallman suggests that “love is the key to spiritual awareness because all that is spiritual, all that exists rests in Love.” (1)

He continues: “Love is your nature, your Source.” (2)

“Love is the most powerful field of energy that exists. It is the only energy field that exists. Any other energy that you can conceive of or experience is of the illusion, and is an enormously diluted and weakened form of Love, which allowed you to think that you had power without the Presence of your Father.”   (3)

Love, he says, “is the life force; you cannot live without It. You are, every one of you, essential parts or aspects of It.” (4)

“Love is all there is,” the Arcturian Group says, “because Divine Consciousness is all there is. Within this ONE every Divine Idea flows forth in infinite form and variety… but always in and of the One.” (5)

SaLuSa of Sirius agrees. He tells us that “in the final reckoning, Love is all there is.” (6) Love, he says, “is life itself and the most powerful force in the Universe that will enable you to continue rising up through the dimensions.” (7)

“The order you see in the Universe comes from all souls reaching a point when they come to the realization that, in the ultimate, there is nothing but Love and that all life revolves and has its being within it.

“Even now you are rising up and your awareness is such that you understand the amazing power of Love.” (8)

Several sources list some of the forces and substances that love becomes.

Sanat Kumara

“The fabric, the energy, the subatomic particles of this universe come from Love.” (9)

“Whether it is a love partner, a sacred union, a perfect family, or a gold coin, it is made of the essence of love.” (10)


“The construct — the fibers, the molecules, the subatomic particles, all of it that we have spoken of time and time again — the building blocks are love.” (11)

The Arcturian Group

“It is the one energy, substance, and activity flowing in and through seemingly separate life forms, yet it is always the ONE because that is all there is – Omnipresence.” (12)

The Divine Mother

“Love . … is the only essence; that is the only substance; that is the only fiber there is. So everything that takes form comes from Love, comes from my heart and my essence.” (13)

“Child, love is all there is. It is the fuel, the fiber, the substance, the essence of All.” (14)

In a rather amusing metaphor, Mother Mary through Fran Zepeda represents us as bandying love back and forth between us, as it it was a tennis match.

“The love you receive and the love you give are now one and the same, dear ones. It is a constant bandying of energy back and forth and within you as you learn to live within this beautiful ‘Net of Love.’

“Take everything and see everything from that standpoint, the standpoint of love and beauty and the sweet soft nurturing that love is offering you now.” (15)

One corollary of these axiomatic statements is that love is in no way limited or exclusive, as the Angelic Guides through Taryn Crimi make plain.

“From our perspective love is unlimited. It knows no boundaries. It knows no color, no race, no creed, no gender, and no species.” (16)

Another is that love can be used to create. The Divine Mother reveals that “everything is created from Love.” (17)

The masters know this and use the energy of love to create, Jesus tells us.

“Love, as you have been frequently informed, is the power, the energy, and the intelligence of creation itself. Everything that exists was created in Love, by Love for the infinite pleasure that it would then enjoy, basking in and forever savoring the divine embrace in which all is encompassed.

“So, when you want to achieve something, when you intend to achieve something, the way to do so is to engage with Love. You are all children of Love; Love is your eternal nature, and it is by engaging with It that all that you could possibly desire not only becomes possible, but actually occurs.” (18)

The notion that love is all there is is so unsettling to our everyday notions of life that, reading the words above, we may not know how to react.

I look around my room and I see walls, chairs, tables, etc. Nowhere do I see love.   I feel love a lot more now than I did, say, a year ago. But even then, the fact of love’s omnipresence and omnipotence doesn’t enter into most of my everyday dealings.

Having it be up to experiential knowledge excites interest. But even the feeling of it is intermittent and certainly not overwhelming.

This great fact of life – that love is all there is – only comes alive when we realize it; that is, when it becomes realized knowledge.

Then, I suspect, love becomes universal, unconditional and constant.


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