Golden Age of Gaia – News Special Edition: What’s going on in Chicago PD?

policeWritten by Gavin Harrill, The Golden Age of Gaia, March 4, 2015

“This is a country that has grown disturbingly complacent about civil rights violations. It’s also a country where it seems that the government has become the real terrorist — the goal of terrorism is to strike fear into the hearts of a people, to intimidate them, to make them feel as though they never know where and when the next attack will come from, to force them to give up their values, freedoms, and beliefs. That’s precisely what the American government is doing to its citizens and residents.” (1)

Now, to hear this story truly hurts my heart.  A proud  “Sweet Home Chicago” native, it’s so hard to watch the city I grew up in stay corrupt, if not get worse and worse and worse.  Unfortunately in recent years, Chicago has even topped the charts in homicide …damn people, stop the insanity!

This story reveals a systemic problem with police brutality (not just Chicago), and one huge reason has to do with this whole terrorism hoax.  I recognize my belief is a minority still largely held amongst just the LightWorker community and other select few …and yet thank Goddess this belief, or awareness, continues to increase day after day, as people awaken from their slumber, and come to terms with who our real enemy is.

Such police brutality in Chicago’s Homan Square (2) is “stark evidence of a post September-11th security landscape. While abuses occurred in police departments across the country long before the terror attacks, the creation of a heightened sense of fear in the country, buttressed with implicit support in the form of legislation like the PATRIOT Act, inevitably created situations like this one. Empowered with incredible leeway as long as they can claim they’re fighting terrorism, police departments can skirt the law, infringing on the rights of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.” (1)

What does one do when the whole system is corrupt?  I’m exaggerating to make a point, and yet truly that remains the question: Isn’t that how corruption stays in power …through intimidation, bribery, and threats?  If you’re an honest and aboveboard attorney, cop, or politician (wait, do those even exist? –wink wink), then how in the world can you stand up to this massive force?

And of course, this is how it’s existed over the millenia: It became a mammoth downhill avalanche of scandal and corruption, where you’d get swallowed up if you didn’t stay clear out of the way! Of course, this is all my opinion growing up on Southside Chicago (Go White Sox!), hearing stories around the neighborhood, witnessing this or that happen. Fortunately, I’ve never witnessed anything serious …but such stories certainly puts the scare in ya, with the collective of gangs, killings, rapings, and muggings swirling around you as it does, sadly, in most big cities.

“Julia Bartmes, a lawyer in Chicago, told [the Guardian newspaper] that ‘It’s sort of an open secret among attorneys that regularly make police station visits, this place — if you can’t find a client in the system, odds are they’re [in Homan Square].”  (1) This out of control avalanche became such a juggernaut of yuck [in Chicago and in many cities around the world] that if you didn’t play along, then on some level there were consequences.  And that was my experience in the 1970s and ’80s.

I’d like to believe that our world has improved over the years, and yet this article explicitly states that in some areas it may have actually gotten worse, such as in Homan Square.  I share this in an effort to change this corrupt system.  I don’t know that I alone can change it, but I can raise awareness, and in turn, expose what stays hidden in the shadows …into the bright Light of Nova Earth!

By bringing more and more Light to the nooks and crannies and to the back corners and alleys of our both our cities’ landscape and of our unconscious landscape, by definition, we prevent from hiding all that we’d rather keep in the dark (our shamed and embarrassing thoughts, behaviors, and feelings –our shadow Self).

As our dark aspects of society, and of ourselves, are viewed in the Light, then we can begin the healing and releasing process. Truth be told, we must learn the lesson of why it was there in the first place.  In other words, why did we create it? What is it that we need to learn from this situation?

So many of us, if not all of us, at some point in our lives have said “why does this keep happening to me over and over?” Or maybe we’ve said “why do I keep dating this kind of person …why does, relationship after relationship, the same thing keep occurring?”  Another common statement revealing this pattern is “why does this keep happening to me at every job I have?”

You know the answer, my beloved peeps: Because we have not yet learned the lesson. The Universe is designed to repeat over and over until we “get it!” In other words, the Law of Attraction keeps calling in the same energetic frequency. Wherever we are energetically blocked, we’ll call in those who are blocked in the same way or blocked in a complementary way –in either case, it’s the same energetic imprint.

What is it about Chicago, about our corporate cabal, that keeps calling in brutality, hurt and suffering? Well, that’s the energetic level where they are residing: Corruption, deceit, betrayal, debt slavery, false flag bombings….

While they are still in charge (but not for much longer, thank Goddess), they continue to call in these lower vibrational experiences for all of us.

As many of us are finally beginning to understand: We can ONLY take care of ourselves; we cannot fix anyone else. Let’s start by doing our own energetic clearing to break away from our controllers’ influence… raise our own vibration to stay clear of their creations.

Remember we truly are the masters of our own lives and reality. Make ours worth it by cutting cords with all that no longer serves us, allowing the freedom to start fulfilling our Soul Contracts!

We all brought something magical to share with each other and with Lady Gaia, and yet there’s no way we can remember what that is if we are spinning our wheels and exhausting our energy and time in survival mode, working away our days to pay off our corporate cabal-created debts.

1. Is the Chicago PD Really Torturing Civilians in a Black Ops Facility? by SE Smith. XO Jane.

2. ‘Gestapo’ Tactics at US Police ‘Black Site’ Ring Alarm From Chicago to Washington by  Spencer Ackerman, Zach Stafford, Mark Guarino, Oliver Laughland. The Guardian.

Across this beautiful world, We Are All One.

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