Suppressed Pedophilia Allegations Reveal Culture of Satanic Ritual Abuse

Suppressed Pedophilia Allegations Reveal Culture of Satanic Ritual AbuseWritten by Sonya van Gelder, Contributing Writer for Wake Up World, February 27, 2015

A series of videos have recently been released through alternative media, of 9 year old Hampstead girl Alisa and her 8 year old brother Gabriel’s testimony of abuse at the hands of their father and his satanic cult.

The alleged abuses involve a network of pedophiles in positions of public trust, including school teachers, priests, social workers, health care workers, child protection agencies and police officers.

After an initial Police Medical examination revealed physical evidence of abuse, the children’s mother Ella and legal counsel Sabine became frustrated by the refusal of the UK legal establishment to begin formal investigations into these allegations and, as a final straw, decided to post video of the children’s testimonies in the public arena.

While officials seem determined to sweep these startling allegations under the rug, and have even issued warrants for the arrest of the mother and her legal counsel, unrelenting anti-abuse campaigners have swung into action.

In their video statements the children, Alisa and Gabriel, describe horrific details of secret Satanic rituals taking place within the confines of their London school in Hampstead and various other schools, churches and notable buildings such as the local Starbucks Café and McDonalds.

The rituals they described involve child rape, sodomy, orgies, torture, cannibalism and human sacrifices, including the ritual slaughter and cannabalism of newborn babies.

Please note: This video contains details that may disturb some viewers.

Children Detail Pedophile Ring in School/Church

“An 8-year old boy and his 9-year old sister reported that their school (Christ church school in Hampstead, London) and church secretly hosted satanic rituals involving child sacrifice and pedophilia.”

After the children’s mother, Ella, brought these accusations forward, the children were taken from her custody by UK authorities and placed right back into the hands of family members who are also accused by the children of abuse.

According to Ella, the children were made to retract their statements in later police interviews. Notably, the children’s initial statements correlated with each other while also being extremely detailed, however their later retractions were entirely dissimilar.

Arrest warrants have subsequently been placed on the mother Ella and her legal counsel Sabine who have now fled the country. At the time of writing, both Ella and Sabine have also been notified of further warrants being issued within the EU, so it would seem they are no longer safe anywhere in Europe.

Is this really how the mother of an abused child should be treated?

This story is making its way through alternative media outlets, but there is a huge SILENCE in mainstream media, no word from the perpetrators named by the children and no investigation being done by police. Compounding the problem, to the majority of the public this kind of information is so horrendous and unthinkable that it is beyond the capacity of many people to believe this could be true, much less contemplate the details. Therefore there is still a veil of silence within the community at large when it comes to the problem of institutionalized pedophilia.

Hamstead UK Pedophile Cover Up

All audio files of the children’s original interviews and retractions are linked HERE.

Following these allegations, the children were examined by a Police Medical Officer who confirmed scar tissue around their genital areas – physical evidence of abuse. The children gave names and also detailed cult members having a small satanic tattoo in their genital region, and gave graphic details regarding certain characteristics of perpetrators’ anatomies and birth marks etc. Yet no investigation into the matter is taking place. None of the names given by the children are being looked into. It seems the matter has been completely hushed up. Facebook, Youtube and Google have also been censoring information relating to this story, raising further suspicion of an institutional cover-up.

Details of the alleged cult members’ identities are available HERE

The Evidence – Documents & Audio

It took me days of feeling totally disjointed and disgusted at the whole affair, and trying to absorb the magnitude of what was unfolding before my very eyes. My emotions switched from tears to anger and frustration. Frustration with the silence, and frustration with the system.

After days of contemplating, researching and uncovering details about this situation, it became very clear what exactly is going on, and disturbingly, what has been going on for centuries. The inaction of Police and the Courts began to make sense. These pedophile networks are entrenched in the system, and protected by the system.

The further down the rabbit hole I dived, the more I understood how much trouble humanity is in if those involved are not brought to justice, and soon!

Satanic Ritual Abuse Among the Elite

During the 1980s and 90s a moral panic about alleged satanic ritual abuse occurred, mainly in parts of the English speaking world. This was propagated by certain psychotherapists, social workers, Christian fundamentalists and law enforcement officials. Some of the cases ended in prosecution and imprisonment. Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States have had several incidents of alleged ritual abuse, which received national and international news coverage. Other countries have also had isolated events in which abuse or murder took place with satanic ritual elements, including Argentina and Brazil.

A list of documented allegations of satanic ritual abuse is available HERE.

Allegations of pedophilia and ritual abuse, child stealing and child trafficking are common amongst the highest members of our society. The Catholic Church, the Royal Family, President Bush, Clinton, UK Prime Minister Cameron, Judges, Law Workers, Social Workers, Police, Child Protection Agencies, Medical Practitioners, Teachers and high profile business people have all been implicated by allegations.

AquinoThe recurrence of allegations involving the powerful elite coupled with the routine suppression of these stories raises some difficult questions about whether our institutions are actually working in the public’s interest or have been corrupted to meet other, more sinister ends.

It also raises questions about the role of the protective justice agencies employed to support the victims of abuse. Why are sexually abused children being put into a system of ‘protection’ that is suspected to be complicit in the abuse, or placed back with their abusing parents by the Courts? And why are the children so often taken away from the very person reporting the crime against them, the mother? (To learn more, please read: Are “Good Enough” Parents Losing Custody to Abusive Ex-Partners? from

Notably, highly organized pedophile networks are by no means restricted to the UK, with similar stories emerging in other western countries from Australia to the United States and Europe.

A recent article from ABC News Australia revealed that a Royal Commission is investigating allegations of abuse at an elite boys school in North Sydney, spanning a period of 33 years. The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has been told that five Knox teachers were convicted of offences against boys as young as six, yet only one teacher, Craig Treloar, received a jail sentence — four and a half years.

Across the Pacific, the ‘Franklin Coverup’ was arguably the biggest pedophile scandal in the history of the U.S.A. The story involves accusations that link the ring to Nebraska Republican Party members and high-ranking U.S. politicians, CIA drug dealing, murder and cover up, including accusations of ritual abuse in the Bohemian Grove. The story received some newspaper coverage but there was a TV News Media blackout on the subject. For this reason, most Americans have never heard of it. (For more information, please read: Pedophiles in Politics: An Open Source Investigation.)

Former republican Senator John Decamp was involved in the production of a documentary called “Conspiracy of Silence” which was to air May 3, 1994 on the Discovery Channel. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. At the last minute before airing, an unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired, and the network withdrew the documentary from broadcast.

JFK quote - a plot to enslave every man woman and childAlmost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons, and the film never saw the light of day. However, a copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state Senator and attorney John De Camp, who subsequently made it available to retired F.B.I. chief, Ted L. Gunderson. (For more information, please read: The Franklin Coverup Scandal – The Child Sex Ring That Reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse.)

Ted Gunderson was an American Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge, and head of the Los Angeles FBI who also worked on the assassination case of JFK. After retiring from the FBI, Gunderson set up a private investigation firm, Ted L. Gunderson and Associates, in Santa Monica. In 1980, he became a defense investigator for Green Beret Doctor Jeffrey R. MacDonald, who had been convicted of the 1970 murders of his pregnant wife and two daughters. Gunderson obtained affidavits from a satanic cult member, Helena Stoeckley confessing to her involvement in the murders. (For more information, please see the 1982 New York Times article Around the Nation; Investigation Reopened In Doctor’s Murder Case.)

Gunderson also investigated a child molestation trial in Manhattan Beach California. In a 1995 conference in Dallas, Gunderson warned about the supposed proliferation of secret Satanic groups, and the danger posed by the New World Order, an alleged shadow government that would be controlling the US government. He also claimed that a “slave auction” in which children were sold to men in turbans, had been held in Las Vegas, that four thousand ritual human sacrifices are performed in New York City every year, and that the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was carried out by the US government. (For more information, please read: Conspiracy Theories and Paranoia: Notes from a Mind-Control Conference.)

Gunderson believed that in the US there is a secret widespread network of groups who kidnap children and infants, and subject them to Satanic ritual abuse and subsequent human sacrifice. Notably, JFK made comparable accusations in a speech just days before his assassination, telling the public of a plot to enslave humanity. (To learn more, check out the 2013 documentary: “The CIA Assassinated JFK“.

Former FBI Chief Comes Clean About Conspiracies and Corruption

“Former FBI Chief Exposes Satanism and Pedophile Rings.”

Royalty, Satanism and the New World Order

The revealing correlation between Gunderson and JFK’s statements led me to do a quick Google search. I came across some pages out of the Satanic Bible that state that “Satan is the New World Order”. Its members are sworn to secrecy and the higher up the rank in the cult they go, the sicker and more perverted the rituals become. Sound familiar?

Michael Aquino is a highly decorated former member of the United States military who was a mastermind behind MK Ultra and Mind Control, then later head of the NSA. A former member of The Church of Satan and the founder of The Temple of Set, he has made his mark in American culture as one of the most outrageous and memorable figures of the early Satanic movements, admitting to being “involved in devil worship to 22 years.”

Devil Worship

There are claims he was the head of a child abuse ring that was sanctioned by the United States Government, others say he picked up where others left off in the mind control programs of MK Ultra and others like it. A portion of his Mind War project has been leaked, discussing methods of mass control of emotions using current means of communication and technology. The idea behind it was to demoralize an enemy population and literally change their emotions through certain audio frequencies. (Learn more HERE and HERE.)

So, with individual (MK) and mass mind control techniques at their disposal, the secret network of satanists is said to own the banks, run the CIA, run the governments, own the media and teach (or rather indoctrinate) our children. Hollywood and the Music Industry is run by them as a mechanism of mind control. It is not difficult to see their increasing use of satanic symbolism and messages in music videos and staged performances such as the Superbowl Half Time Show and MTV Video Music Awards, all replete with occult imagery, themes and distortions. (For more information, please read: Hollywood and The CIA: A Dark Marriage Revealed.)

beyonce sasha-fierce baphomet
Beyoncé as ‘alter ego’ Sasha Fierce. Dissociated alters are common among MK Ultra victims, and have become disturbingly common among the top female music stars today.

The lyrics to this recent track from Hozier, entitled Take Me To Church, is a blatant show of the satanic ritualism within the church. (music and lyrics here, video discussion here).

There has been many whistleblowers within the government, the music and film industries, who have come to a sudden demise. JFK tried to warn us, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Whitney Houston and countless others, all hushed up by the establishment.

  • Michael Jackson Exposing The Illuminati: View Here.
  • Bob Marley Speaks About Illuminati System: View Here.
  • John Lennon Talks About The Illuminati: View Here.
  • Whitney Houston Exposes The Illuminati: View Here.

Another notable death was that of anti-child abuse campaigner Geoffrey Dickens MP in 1995. In 1984, Dickens had handed his dossiers on “VIP” child abuse within the establishment to Lord Leon Brittan, which subsequently went missing never to resurface. The whereabouts of the dossier remains unknown, along with other files on organised child abuse that had been held by the Home Office. (Learn more HERE.)

Geoffrey Dickens MP on Satanic Ritual Abuse

Ironically it would seem that many who have been linked to pedophilia and satanic cults have also been granted Royal Knighthoods. Countless alleged, convicted and dead pedophiles of prominence have Knighthoods or high-ranking regal awards, with the Queen personally elevating the position of dangerous pedophiles into the higher echelons of the British Establishment.

Examples of people who have been publicly accused of, or confirmed as, being pedophiles include:

  • Sir Cyril Smith MBE
  • Sir Rolf Harris CBE
  • Sir Jimmy Savile OBE
  • Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber CBE
  • Sir Cliff Richard OBE
  • Sir Stewart Hall OBE
  • Sir George W Bush GCB
  • Sir Ted Heath MBE
  • Sir Peter Morrison PC
  • Sir Kenneth Clarke PC

There most certainly appears to be a connection between the Royal empire and organized pedophilia. Recently, accusations were made during an inquiry into Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile connections to Prince Andrew, that Prince Andrew took part in an orgy with underage girls on tycoon pal Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island. (Learn more here.)

In 1980, London’s Evening News revealed that the UK’s chief prosecutor was considering prosecuting a top child abuse gang which “obtained young boys for politicians, prominent lawyers and film stars”. Recently it has been reported that Willie Whitelaw, a Freemason, told a police boss to scrap the year-long investigation into the gang. The network was believed to have abused 40 children, the youngest of whom was six. 12 men had faced prosecution, for procuring boys and for sexual assault. (Learn more here.)

And now, just a few days ago, the following came to light:

In a debate which took place in the House of Lords yesterday on the Modern Slavery Bill, Lord Blackheath makes a startling revelation. He tells his fellow peers that whilst working for the Australian Civil Service in London, he was tasked with herding, as he puts it, small children on to boats at Tilbury, for transportation to Australia. Blackheath says:

“They did not have names; they did not know who their parents were, or where they came from, and they were completely terrified.”

He recounts that at the time, he was “deeply suspicious” of this practice, and had a strong feeling that the children did not have the proper permissions to travel. Since then, he has been likened to Jimmy Savile, although to his credit, he does say his rap sheet is worse. Savile was responsible for abusing 300 children – Blackheath facilitated the abuse of 2,500 vulnerable minors, none of whom knew who their parents were or what was happening to them…

“It involved many tens of thousands of children over 15 years; we should be deeply ashamed of it.” ~ (source)

Jimmy Savile, who died aged 84 in October 2011, is now classified as Britain’s worst sex offender after police revealed he preyed on at least 450 victims aged eight to 47. Bearing the titles Order of The British Empire (OBE) and Knight Commander of The Order of St. Gregory The Great (KCSG), Savile was well connected with the Royal Family and many affluent members of society.

Many of his victims have come forward giving details of satanic rituals and rape at the hands of Savile and his cult. (More information is available HERE.)

Suppressed Pedophilia Allegations Reveal Culture of Satanic Ritual Abuse - Jimmy Savile's Royal Connections

Pictured above is Britain’s most senior Catholic cleric – Cardinal Keith O’Brien, former Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh (pictured giving ‘thumbs up’) – standing alongside his long-standing friend, Jimmy Savile. Cardinal O’Brien is also the subject of allegations of inappropriate behaviour with young boys. Also pictured is Savile, a close friend of the Royal family, with Prince Charles, and with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (deceased).

It is further speculated that many other elites in the controlling establishment practice these types of rituals, with countless victims sharing similar stories and describing in detail their links to powerful people and institutions, and the ritualism to which they were subjected. (Learn more HERE.) It appears that the powerful elite have been compromised for a very long time.

Notably, films like Stanley Kubrick‘s Eyes Wide Shut tried to portray the realities of the this kind of institutionalized ritualism: of satanic cults composed of elites, human sacrifice and paedophile networks. So, is it just another ‘coincidence’ that the film’s director Stanley Kubrick died before his movie was released, and that much of his movie exposé wound up on the cutting room, never making it to the final cut?

Hollywood Insider Exposes Cults, Clones, Mind Control and More

In the Name of the Father…

On further investigation into the recent case of children Alisa and Gabriel, it became clear how massive this web of satanic worship is – in just London alone. The children tell of the father, the father’s mother (the children’s nan), the father’s sister and brother (aunt and uncle) all being complicit. It is also said that the father (Ricky Dearman) and his siblings were raised into this cult environment by their parents.

A quick search of the father, Ricky Dearman’s Facebook ‘friends’ shows some shady characters and connections. Many who also went to the father’s school ‘Old Hall Comprehensive’ display posts on their Facebook walls of missing children. There is a theme of animal activism and a common vegan connection between them all; a twisted irony, given that these Satanists allegedly abduct, kill and torture both humans and animals. One particular fellow (a friend of the father) was displaying his latest mask, a replica of a mask worn by serial sex attacker, the Beast of Jersey, who in December 1971 was convicted of 13 counts of assault, rape and sodomy over 11 years and sentenced to 30 years in prison. I found this interesting considering that the children’s testimony in this case, and that of many others, speak of masks being used during the rituals they were subjected to.

The children’s statements said that they worship the ‘Supreme Master’, while the Satanic Bible states that ‘Satan’s ministers will obey all commands of the ‘Supreme Master’.

Further investigation reveals the father is involved in the film industry as an actor with affiliations with ‘Supreme Master Television’, a constructive television station airing from 14 satellite platforms and reaching hundreds of millions of households around the world. Supreme Master (or “Suma”) Ching Hai, (born 12 May 1950), is the spiritual teacher of the Quan Yin Method with an estimated 20,000 followers world wide. With questionable connections herself, Ching Hai was a disciple of Thakar Singh who has been linked to sadistic sex scandals. There is also a suspicion that Ching Hai works for the CIA and its friends. (As a helpful guide, check out the article: 9 Ways to Spot a Fake Guru or Spiritual Teacher.)

“Evidence that cult leader Ching Hai teaches harmful beliefs to children as young as 6″

Keeping up a charade of decency and respectability is vital to abusers. Working under the guise of promoting veganism and animal rights, and funding child orphanages and schools in third world countries, former sect members say Ching Hai has proven to be a disturbing and dangerous sect for those who are lured into it. Allegations include child rape, child pornography, child trafficking, prostitution, mind control, ritual torture and murder involving children and animals. (Learn more HERE.)

Not surprisingly, it appears the Ching Hai sect also has elite connections – this time to the Clintons. In 1996, Ching Hai went as far as asking her followers to contribute money to the Clinton Presidential Legal Expense Trust, to fund Bill Clinton’s Whitewater legal defense, resulting in over $600,000 US in donations.

According to Jane Lii of the New York Times:

The Clinton Fund returned much of the money raised by Ching Hai after the fund’s private investigators became suspicious about the source of the donations… Investigators feared that group members may have been used as fronts for wealthier interests who wanted to contribute to Clinton’s legal defense fund… Members attributed any irregularities in their donations to their eagerness to please Suma Ching Hai, whom they call ‘Master’.

Like all hidden truths, when we start to scratch the surface, the dots inevitably start to connect.

Understanding the Psychopathy of Satanism

A common secret interest in all of these groups, one that is well known among elite circles, is ancient masonic worship. Involving ritual, torture, pedophilia and sacrifice, they worship Satan. Yet on the outside they pose as religious and political leaders, actors, musicians, new-agers, and activists against the very crimes they commit!

Obama-IlluminatiA squeaky clean image must be maintained, even a public one, so as not to arouse suspicion in the community. But the root of that deception goes deeper; in Satanism, everything is reversed. If they are animal activists, then they are likely the animal abusers, if they say they love children, then they likely abuse children. This is how they operate. Up is down, war is peace, black is white.

A few pages from a Satanic Bible explains their beliefs quite clearly HERE and another version HERE.

For a normal citizen, it is difficult to wrap ones head around all this ritualistic worship, so I decided to dig further into Satanism, and it didn’t take too long to came across pages of a published Satanic Bible. What I read sent chills up my spine, but the teachings were exactly what is being practiced by these dark cults. While it seems there are quite a few different sects, their core belief system is the same.

While it is difficult to comprehend why so much emphasis is put into such sadistic and prolonged rituals of torture, rape and drinking of blood, but some disturbing research into the philosophies of Satanism reveals beliefs and practices that directly correlate to the stories of abuse recounted by victims and whistleblowers the world over.

The Blood & the Pineal Gland

In Satanism it is said that drinking the blood and taking the soul gives the recipient life, especially the purest soul of a newborn baby. The torture and sexual energy prior to death is said to release a chemical in the blood which brings enlightenment and longevity to the recipient.

Many Satanic rites and techniques are aimed at gaining control of this organ and the fluid it produces: the live melatonin. When the pineal gland is highly activated, it is thought to produce a secretion of similar chemistry to psychoactive compound DMT (learn more here.) This secretion is grotesquely referred to by Satanists as the ‘elixir of life’ or the ‘elixir of immortality’, and is believed to grant the drinker eternal life and/or eternal; that is to be freed from the cycle of birth and death, hence “liberated”.

It is widely believed that the members of the super-secret society Skull & Bones, to which both George Bush and his son belong, engage in a ceremony called “The Obscene Rite”, which involves the consumption of the fresh pineal secretions of a human or animal sacrifice (there are believed to be elements which only exist in live human glandular manufacture).

The ‘elixir’ is the chemical secreted by the body at the utmost point of terror – which is why ritual torture is prolonged – and also at the point just before orgasm. In that state of terror, the brain is most receptive to trauma-based mind-control techniques and the most prone to personality splitting. Multiple Personality Disorder is commonly the result of intense trauma; it is the brain’s attempt to protect itself from its incomprehensible reality. As the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control program has demonstrated, this kind of trauma can create persistent personality ‘compartments’ that are easily manipulated, and of which the victim is not necessarily even aware.

Is There a Solution?

After digging and uncovering so much regarding satanic ritual abuse, there is no doubt in my mind these two children are telling the truth, no matter how evil, and far fetched it is for most to comprehend.

As absurd as it all may seem, no matter how sick and perverted, this situation is all too real. The people following these teachings and belief systems involve the very highest levels of government, religion, royalty –  the very people controlling the very system we all live by today! It is most certainly the Matrix, and they are in control. This is no accident but the result of centuries of considered duplicity and systemic manipulation.

We have already seen how closely the circles of the elite and of the Satanic run, the web of abuse including royal, governmental, religious and corporate figureheads around the world. In reality, six corporations own 96% of the world’s media, and this situation is used by these powerful networks as a mechanism of control over the population by mean of a biased approach to many new situations. False flags are used and widely televised to instill fear, and as a reason to introduce new laws and boundaries as the controllers constantly tighten the grip on humanity. The media has disinformed the public when it comes to law itself. Over time, humanity has been systematically stripped of its sovereign rights, its courts and other legal systems designed to protect commercial interests. Those figures behind government, of whom JFK tried to warn us, continue to install leaders that work for them and not for the people, effectively enslaving the population for their own private benefit.

Please, I encourage all readers and skeptics alike to do their own research, upturn every rock, and only then will you realise how deep this rabbit warren goes! This situation is very real and we are on the brink of no return in some respects. Our children are raised into educational, religious and charitable institutions that are controlled at their highest levels by the world’s most depraved individuals, and indoctrinated into their distorted brand of sexuality via the media they control, particularly the movie and music industries, and ‘reality’ gaming. These dark predators have plans for humanity and have infiltrated every corner of every institution to help implement their final agenda.

For those who would like to know more about their final agenda, please research Club of Rome and Agenda 21. (As a starting point, check out this documentary and this article.)

In the face of such overwhelming distortion, public awareness is critical to breaking down these criminal Satanic networks.

This case involving Alisa and Gabriel is not an isolated case, yet it is perhaps the first to be gain the level of public attention (in alternative media) that is so desperately needed. We have been given a window of opportunity with the release of the videos and audio interviews of the children in the Hampstead case. This example of courage on the part of the victims, and informed and compassionate awareness on the part of our community, is the next necessary step in taking back our society from these abusers – on ALL levels – and reclaiming the safety of our children.

Blessings to all the whistleblowers and truth-seekers who are bravely sharing this story. This is the only way humanity can regain their sovereignty once and for all.

CCN Director Mel Ve: Citizens Must Now Take Action

Beyond informing ourselves, it is imperative that we take action. We need to spread awareness! We will never break down these abuser networks as long as people choose to bury their heads in the sand and deny such horrendous crimes against humanity exist. There is no longer time for sitting on the fence. Educate yourselves. No government, no corporation, and no god is going to save us from this dark reality. We have to save ourselves – we have to do it for the children who depend on us!

Share This Article:

Share this article with others. The mainstream media (owned and operated by members of the very sick cults involved in SRA) is censoring this story of course, so it is important that all readers of this article please share it with friends and family members who may still be unaware of these revelations.

Sign The Petitions:

Sign and share the petitions linked below, and demand that Alysa and Gabriel are released to their mother or grandparents, and that the accusations against the people named by the children be fully investigated. Without public pressure, the UK Parliament will not raise this case as an issue. Such grievous charges cannot simply be ignored.

  • Petition #1: Return Whistleblower Kids and Abuse Survivors to their Family!
  • Petition #2: We demand that the alleged abusers with apparent distinguishing marks come forward to be examined by independent trusted doctors and the police

Day 1 of a ‘Fact-Finding’ Hearing into Satanic Ritual Abuse

Previous article by Sonya:

About the author:

Sonya van GelderSonya van Gelder is a writer, truth-seeker and life-long researcher of ancient mysteries. Growing up in Africa, New Zealand & Australia, Sonya gained a keen interest in the varied cultures of the indigenous peoples worldwide. With over 20 years of personal research into the ancient mysteries and esoteric teachings, she was further inspired when she journeyed to Egypt with renowned authors, Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock in 2011.

Sonya’s continuing research has led her to many of Australia’s significant sacred areas and to working closely with Original elders. Feeling a deep connection to and a mutual respect for the Original elders and their stories, Sonya feels it is of vital importance to take a closer look at their ancient lore and explore its multi-level significance both locally and globally. Her findings point to an entirely different history of Australia and its ancient global connections, including Egypt, than the one that is ‘taught’ in official text books. She believes that it is essential that we unite to protect the sanctity of this lore and history, and the sacred sites that exhibit unique characteristics and hold many secrets within them.

Sonya is currently writing a her first book, an exploration of the similarities in the symbolism and mythologies within our ancient mysteries worldwide, connecting many dots and helping to bring a greater awareness of significant truths about who we really are, and the esoteric wisdom and spirituality that was once a global understanding.

Visit for more information.


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