Jason Demakis: Why Time is More Valuable Than Money (And What to Do About It)

Written by Jason Demakis, Expanded Consciousness, February 19, 2015

Time is infinitely more valuable than any amount of money.


Because you can always earn more money.

You can never “earn” extra time from anywhere.

You can run out of money and other resources over and over and over, and keep on going.

Once you run out of time, however, it’s game over.

Time > Money

It’s interesting to note how social conditioning (especially here in the United States) has convinced people that the exact opposite is true. Work your ass off at a day job you can barely tolerate, spending (literally) the best years of your life sitting at a desk indoors, while a plethora of other life experiences pass you by.

One of the reasons most people complain and make excuses in life is because they intuitively understand that time is always running, but they have no idea how to get off the treadmill they’re on – because conditioning doesn’t allow for outside of the box thinking.

This trap is then reinforced by millions of other scared, confused, and conditioned individuals all thinking, feeling, and doing the same.

This phenomena is what causes the illusion of “the real world”, as many like to label it. I like to call it The Matrix Control System (because I’m nerdy like that my good friends and I like to joke and discuss “Matrix traps” that people unwillingly find themselves settling into…then waking up right in the thick of it.

Realizing you’re wasting your finite life at a job you hate is one.

Realizing your relationship is stale, unfulfilling, and empty…but you’ve signed a government contract binding you together…is another.

Becoming conscious to the fact that you aren’t paying your bills, expenses, and other things with money…but with time itself…is perhaps the apex Matrix realization:

What’s Going on Here?

The reasons for all of the above stuckness, confusion, and lack of fulfillment all boils down to one common denominator: an unconscious relationship to time itself.

Most of us view time as a passive tool that measures the space between events.

This is essentially time’s correct definition, but when you look a little closer, you start to see beyond the clock face.

The real essence of time is the amount of action you can take before your life expires.

Society conditions you to buy into belief systems that mitigate and control how you choose to spend your time (we’ll get to why and how that is in a moment), and because lots of other people are doing the exact same thing, this appears to be normal behavior.

This also causes a contrast to form when other people do things differently, or offer suggestions from outside the current social and political paradigm. 

Social conditioning teaches (or more accurately programs) people to “buy” before they’re even aware that they’re “spending”…let alone what they’re spending (their ability to choose).

But I Thought Time Doesn’t Exist…?

On the highest levels, time absolutely is an illusion. There is only the present moment.

HOWEVER (and a BIG however)…

Here in our three dimensional space/time reality, we experience the present moment as a string of events that can be traced backward and (hypothetically) forward.

We’re always in the present moment. The effects of the actions we take in the present, however, have effects that can span not just into the future…but back into the past, as well.

Our present moment connections to the past and the future are both frayed equally, and our present moment acts more like a constant fulcrum between the two than anything else. Shift the weight of your decisions, and effect the past or the future accordingly.

Now, I’m not implying that you can change your past in ways that you’re most likely assuming.

You can’t go back and take back what you said, or did, or didn’t do on that one day several years ago. We’re talking the immediate past. The past that comes into existence immediately after you’ve made a decision and committed to it.

This might sound confusing to some, but your state of being is really what determines if you’re shifting your pasts. The reason for this is deceptively simple, yet can cause a brain knot if you think about it for a moment or two:

Your future changes because you made a specific choice, collapsed it, and thus closed off all other choices. The future is now set.

You change your past when you begin shifting your state of being to one that’s more congruent with your higher goals. This shift in being causes your past to change, because said state isn’t a constant (yet) for you. You were effectively a different person making different choices than the usual you would make (because you’d default to your conditioning, and choose habitually).

If this still sounds confusing to you, don’t fret; I’m going to discuss that concept in greater detail in an upcoming article. Fo now, just know that the present moment is more of a “pivot point” between past and future than anything else.

Choice & Consequence are The Only Constants

The choices you make, and the results of those choices, are the only constants in our physical reality. Everything else is a variable. Peripheral at best. The core essence of our reality is choice.

The choices you make either consciously or unconsciously will create effects that you and you alone have to deal with, enjoy, or endure.

You can abandon your ability to choose, but you can never escape the consequences that result from you abdicating your ability to choose.

That in itself is still a choice. You can’t escape it, so you might as well use this truth to your benefit (use it to empower yourself), and begin choosing consciously.

It should now be clear that the choices you make – whether they be mental, emotional, or physical actions – create consequences that you have to deal with.

“Dealing” with the consequences of our choices can either be joyful or chore-ful, depending upon the types of inputs you allow into your conscious thinking and decision making.

Most people succumb to social conditioning, and thus make choices that reinforce this very conditioning. Their lives become a constant series of chores, errands, and favors for other people who are much more free (because they understand their relationship to time, and prioritize way more effectively/efficiently).

The more conscious you become, the more you intrinsically understand this truth.

You’ll begin relating to external circumstances in a much more detached and relaxed manner, viewing choice as being more apparent, free, and available than most people are even aware of.

The choice to take a day off from your job to devote time to a meaningful project that could lead to years of stable, passive income is an incredibly intelligent use of time.

People still stuck in the social paradigm view missing work for any reason as a serious personal threat…even if that time is used to make them more money with less effort down the line!

This example alone shows you the power of social conditioning, especially when it’s mainly driven by fear-based reasoning.

What To Do About All of This

The solution to all of the above issues is to begin consciously, intelligently, and deliberately managing your time. Your time is more valuable than you may have given it credit for. This is especially true if you’re starting a business, or trying to get one off the ground while still working at your day job (raises hand).

In my next article, I’m going to cover some very effective and efficient ways of managing your time, so that you can begin reclaiming your true power bit by bit – even within your current routine (no matter how burdened you currently are).

These strategies will work for anyone anywhere…as long as they have the courage to apply and commit to them.

Your life is far too valuable to waste on activities, people, and things that aren’t congruent with your true values and goals.

If anything, the time has come to shed those false beliefs and relationships.

The time has come to put time in its proper place, and become conscious of your relationship to it.

At the end of the day, how have you been spending your present moment…?

If that doesn’t get you moving, go back and re-read 5 Reasons Why The Law of Attraction isn’t Working for You until it motivates you to start making serious changes to your attitude and behavior.

About the author: 

Jason Demakis a frequent Expanded Consciousness contributing writer. Read more of Jason’s articles HERE. Jason is best known for his writings of consciousness and meditation, and has profound knowledge in each.

Website: http://www.jasondemakis.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jasondemakis
Email: JasonDemakis@Gmail.com
Read more at http://expandedconsciousness.com/2015/02/19/time-valuable-money/#ilCgufh66Ytg5AK9.99

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