Andrea Scully: Relative Perception of Time and Knowing

Written by Andrea Scully, The Golden Age of Gaia, February 23, 2015

Back a couple of years ago, we had a lot of talk about the Mayan calendar and how time was speeding up. I remember wondering how that would be experienced.

Would my hair blow back while time just flew past? Would I blink and be in the next day?

It seems so silly now to consider these questions, but these are the real questions I had at the time.

Now that the calendar has passed this phase we had so much anticipation for, I can take a look around and see for myself what time speeding up has meant for me, or whether it was all a bunch of fanciful talk.

From my little corner of perception, I see plenty of evidence that time has indeed sped up. It seems to me to be so fast now as to be nearly like riding a speeding bullet when compared to a decade ago.

And this is the way to measure this, in comparison, for without comparison to some other time period, I don’t think this phenomenon would even be perceivable.

The changes that go on now happen so fast. The realizations are so many and so quick as to boggle the mind I had a decade ago.

Since this is my everyday experience nowadays, without comparing to how it was before, I wouldn’t even notice there’s a difference.

The realizations that happen are like cogs to a intricate machinery, like the innards of a watch, where the cog clicks in and the whole mechanism starts to turn.

The realizations are so simple and so profound at the same time, that it’s difficult, even a few moments later, to remember that I didn’t always know them to be so.

I notice I’m so impatient now to reach the goal, whatever that is, that I often fail to appreciate how quickly the goals are reached. A phenomenal amount of work can be accomplished and I still may not realize how time has sped up this process for me.

I can get more done in a day than ever before. I clearly remember how time used to lag and still I got far less accomplished with this slow time than I do on any given day now.

It seems my capacity for more work in any given day is just a given. I don’t stop to consider how this is something that used to not be a feature in my everyday life. It is now, and so it seems like it always was, only it wasn’t. I clearly remember how long it used to take to affect change and how long it took to integrate knowing as well.

So, that’s my report on what I’m perceiving. Perhaps this is not being experienced by everyone, but it is by some of us, I’ve discussed this with many people and this seems to be a common theme.

To perceive it may take some consideration though. Take time to consider how fast or slow you think things are happening for you these days. How does this compare to some past time frame in your world?

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