Nick Bernabe: Goodbye Bill O’Reilly

Written by Nick Bernabe, Anti Media, February 22, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Goodnight Bill, your long and tyrannical reign at the head of the corporate propaganda machine is coming to an ugly end. Your career is over.

For years you tortured us with your opinions, bigotry, anger, rudeness, downright idiocy and overall assholedom — but it seems like your big mouth has landed you in hot water this time — and I’m really enjoying watching you burn. It’s truly sad that it took this long for people to take your bullshit for what it is, but rest assured the end is near.

Those not familiar with you, Bill O’Reilly, you poor excuse for a journalist and human being — let’s see if we can briefly paint a picture for them.

According to Mother Jones, you have been lying about some stories you’ve been telling the public for years, very much in the same way your peer Brian Williams did.

Since the initial story about your lies went viral, Bill, things got a lot worse for you — our kind propagandist. Another former colleague of yours has stepped forward, reinforcing Mother Jones’ accusations, making it even harder for you to get out from under this unwanted attention. That must’ve hurt a lot.

So you lie, Bill O’Reilly, just like Brian Williams and the majority of other actors who read news scripts do. But you are also a sex offender who hasn’t been arrested yet, we can’t forget about that. From The Anti-Media,

“On October 13, 2004 O’Reilly was sued in a sexual harassment lawsuit for $60,000,000 by his former producer named Andrea Mackris. Mackris was an employee of Fox from 2000, with lawsuit documents showing O’Reilly’s rabid sexual harassment began in May 2002 and continued until September 2004. Mackris filed a wild document full of O’Reilly’s exploits. The fallout was immense, with O’Reilly counter-suing Mackris for extortion before finally settling the lawsuit for an untold amount of money that is generally believed to have been in the millions of dollars.” Read the full in-depth report here.

You’re also an asshole.

And a war monger.

You believe in the War On Drugs and you’re an active drug warrior.

You don’t like activists or police accountability.

Calling you a raging prick would be an understatement.

So you see, it’s not just that you are full of shit, Bill, you’re also a dangerous propagandist that influences the minds of old (the median age of people who watch The O’Reilly Factor is 72 years old) Republicans everywhere. You should be rotting in a prison cell for your treatment of women and the countless lives lost thanks to your war propaganda.

I’m hoping that this is the last we see of you on Television or anywhere else. You should face the same fate as Brian Williams — who you yourself derided for lying to the public. Goodbye Bill O’Reilly, you won’t be missed. And even if you are not fired, everyone — even your own brainwashed elderly viewers — will forever know that you are a liar.

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