Andrea Scully: What If My Greatest Purpose is to Embody Love?

Andrea 22
Andrea Scully

Written by Andrea Scully, The Golden Age of Gaia, February 21, 2015

Among lightworkers, there always seems to be a lot of talk concerning purpose. For many of us, this sense of purpose is something we cling to like a lifeline.

For others, it’s a looming question that begs to be answered: what is my purpose?

The feelings around this are often intense. If only one can know this mystery, then it will not be so confusing and frustrating. If only this one mystery can be solved, then surely there can be a plan or roadmap through any terrain.

What’s my purpose? I’m fairly sure this is the most often asked question for personal channelings and energy readings.

For myself, this question has been answered again and again in so many different ways over the years. The way my sense of purpose has been evolving is seemingly purposeful too. This looks different today in its details than it did twenty or thirty years ago.

Way back when, it seemed to me that my main purpose was to make it to the future in one piece. How to make it through the passage of time until the ‘important’ changes would take place was the whole shebang in my view.

Way back then, I had some heavy intuitions on what lay ahead. My sense of this was that passage into this future meant decades, and it has, in fact, played out in just that way.

It’s taken decades for me to come to the awareness of how the passages I made on the way serve me now. Perhaps this was the whole point of why everything played out the way it did for me. Perhaps this is how it is for you too.

When I take a broader view of what purpose I serve being here, when I consider my life and all its messiness and drama, something so simple stands out. The simplicity of this realization is humbling really, especially when considering how I’ve not understood this until very recently.

No matter what the details are around my sense of purpose or lack of it have been in each life-phase, the main theme has always been the same.

Missing the obviousness is a factor of the tendency I have to focus on the details to the point of ‘not being able to see the forest for the trees’. This may sound familiar to you as well.

The main theme from this broader viewpoint is to serve a simple and humble purpose here.

I came here to embody love.

The description of love and what that means has changed rather dramatically with the capacity in me to raise my awareness, but the main theme has always been this same one.

Embodying love is the purpose.

Libraries could be written on this. This purpose of embodying love could (and no doubt has been) described and redescribed, hashed and rehashed. But the simple stripped down version is so simple to say.

Embody love.

Be love.

Express myself lovingly.

Energetically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, BE love.

This is and always has been the purpose for me to be here. Now, and at any other time, the purpose has been the same simple one, and what a relief it is to finally know this.

This knowing has brought me the way to plan and map my way through any terrain life may offer me. Each moment is an opportunity to choose again, so there’s no danger of going ‘wrong’, getting off my path, or getting hopelessly lost.

The proverbial roadsigns will always bear the same message, no matter where on the path they appear.

So easy to memorize…’Proceed with Love’.

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