Wisdom with Wes: Working and Having Fun

Snapshot_20140731_2We sometimes demonize hard work that uses the mind more than the heart or spirit, because we tend to convince ourselves our spiritual evolution should be all fun and no work.

Similarly, some of us have trouble putting our work down and enjoying life, because we convince ourselves that working hard is the only purpose of our existence on earth.

Instead of making ourselves miserable or playing instead of working, we can employ a healthy middle ground between working and having fun.

We don’t have to convince ourselves some task that utilizes the mind more than the heart should be avoided just because we aren’t exploring our consciousness or having fun while we do it, and we also don’t need to work so hard that we forget to explore our consciousness or do something else for ourselves.

Hard work, combined with having fun and knowing what limits to set for our work and play, will make our experience on this world as worthwhile as it’s meant to be. We’re here to work hard and help everyone see the light, but we’re also here to see the light ourselves. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can find a healthy middle ground and get the most out of life.

Will you work (and play) hard today?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac 🙂

2015, http://cultureofawareness.com


  1. Thank you for the reminder this morning Wes, so many times we get carried away with monitery issues that we don’t stop and take time to play. To me playing with my grandchildren helps me to become more centered. It relaxes me and calms my spirit…


    • I’m glad to hear! There are a lot of ways we can relax, de-stress and find our center. I suppose we just have to find what works for us. You seem familiar, by the way… 😉 Love ya!


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