Andrea Scully: Peace Within Me Right Now

Written by Andrea Scully, The Golden Age of Gaia, February 18, 2015

After the push for world peace among us, I ask myself, where am I now with this issue of peace?

I find it’s showing up in the peace within me.

Certainly, the alternative media is pumping out many stories of rather desperate sounding situations going on in the world. It seems to me that those ones who I would discern as having bad intent, whatever we would wish to call them, are fighting desperately to continue with their mayhem, and I see this as an attempt to continue generating fear and hatred.

Let’s not even go there with the mainstream media madness on global issues. It’s so obviously all about fear and loathing, helplessness and hopelessness, it makes me nauseous.

This push for fear and loathing in the world continues as I’m writing this message, so this is the evidence that there’s still some residue of strife playing itself out.

In my wish for the magic wand to wave and give me instant gratification, it would be so easy to take a fatalistic and depressed view of this worldly ‘business as usual’.

On a closer inspection, I find this taking a negative view doesn’t work.

Like so many bad habits I’ve carried along with me in this lifetime, this impatient and immature view of the actual work of manifestation on this planet simply doesn’t work.

To collapse in grief or disappointment when the results aren’t instant and spanning the whole globe isn’t productive here. This is about the long haul, and it’s about holding the space for the manifestation to appear in it’s whole, complete and holographic wonder.

In an effort to get together as a greater family of lightworkers and move together in a group effort to create change and eliminate war and violence among us, we’ve taken the stand to make a plan for doing this by setting a date for this to occur.

Gasp. Setting a date! Oh, ack, not this again.

And yet, in the realm of lightworkers I network with, most of us are leaders in our own right. Getting such folk together to work in tandem is a whole lot like trying to herd cats.

Let’s say we all agree on a goal we share. World peace, yes, yes, yes! We all want this and we want this in ways so deep and so intimate that it hurts to dare to imagine it!

Imagine it we will, because we’re mighty lovers. We’re on a mission.

In order to facilitate this mission, a way to move together requires a deadline to focus our collective will. We have a goal. We have a plan. We have a deadline.

Which among these items I just listed is the main focus?

The correct answer is the goal, and it isn’t the deadline. Let’s not get confused here.

So, how do we measure success? Do we cave in if we miss the deadline and fail to appreciate whatever progress has been made? Or do we honor that the goal was the important facet of this and forge ahead?

In view of what evidence I find for what a difference pushing for this goal of peace has made, I find most of the evidence within myself.

I feel peaceful.

This is a remarkable thing to me. This feeling of baseline peacefulness is so profound that it’s surprising. It’s notable in that it wasn’t here before. I really didn’t notice until peace appeared in me that I wasn’t embodying peace in myself.

As those who know me well may tell, if they wished to, I’ve not necessarily been the most peaceful presence in any given moment. Like so many of us, I’ve been embodying the rebel and the warrior for so long now that this shift in me is going to take a bit of getting used to.

I honor the fact that the rebel and the warrior archetypes I’ve been holding have sustained me enough to get me here. I honor that the way here has required me to hold out against such a barrage of confusion, lies and bad intentions towards me and all Life that I needed the strength and endurance these archetypes have energetically given me.

This inner peace now invites me to mature these same archetypes into being a diplomat and a peacemaker, preferring to raise the bar of my personal awareness and integrity in all my relations.

Though this position-taking is yet another challenge, without the baseline of peace I feel now within, I feel it simply wouldn’t be possible, feasible, or workable in fact. The energetic change in this for me is tangible.

So, now what happens? I guess we shall see.

If we see our efforts at embodying peace as the seed which will grow into a mighty oak in the fullness of Divine Timing, if we may be mature enough to hold the space with our mighty love and devotion, I’m declaring that this seed is the birth of the world peace.

If we nurture and protect this seed of peace by embodying it within us, until it has the chance to grow and root itself into us as a collective entity, as a human species, then I will call this mission a resounding success.

We’re divinely positioned to bring peace and love home to Gaia from the Heart of the ONE. We’re the bodies that carry the peace this world so badly needs. There are no mightier lovers than we are. You know if I’m talking to you.

I stand devoted to this with all my heart and soul. Please join me in embodying peace and holding the space for its very 3D manifestation. Peace on earth is here with us. We are peace on earth.

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