Internal Guidance and Aster via Andrea Scully: Oneness and Separation Part 1

credit: miranalindaweitz-authorsexpress-com

Internal Guidance and Aster: Oneness and Separation – Part 1. Channeled through Andrea Scully, The Golden Age of Gaia, Monday, February 16, 2015

Andrea: Hello to my internal guidance crew. I feel today like I’m back in the stadium again with so many in attendance. So, is there any being among you that would step forward to speak with me today? Please let me know who you are and why you come forward before we begin.

Group voice: We would come forward first as a whole to share that we attend you in this way at all times. There are indeed many in attendance on you, and we do this in agreement with you as well. It is with your express permission that we are with you, as has always been the case, though you’ve not always been expansive enough in your awareness to remember this facet of our intimate relations.

Yes, I sense now that this is so. I used to wonder at how there could be this feeling of being watched and supported, particularly in times of danger. At one time this was such an utter surprise as to be nearly unbelievable to me, but I now see that this was my own illusion of separation at play.

Group voice: We commend you on the work you’ve done which enables you to begin to take in a broader view. This makes it possible for you to embody more of our presence in your life and in your awareness. This wasn’t possible before as you didn’t believe it was possible. So long as you remained attached to the concept of being separated from all things, we honored this by staying submerged in your consciousness.

I begin to get how this works. The more expansive my view of who I am gets, the more I release the beliefs that bind me to separation from everything, the more I’m perceiving and understanding and feeling the connections that ARE. 

How incredible! How real! The perception of what is REAL is so very different now. It’s become difficult to believe I ever had such a contracted way of perceiving myself and my surroundings.

Group voice: And yet… this was only a flicker of your creative imagination in our perception, a necessity for you to understand that consciousness goes powerfully and creatively, by the nature of your divinity as a being, to whatever space, realm, or time you send it to.

Since you’re in the realm of collective creation on Gaia, you also swim in the collective creations of the many in attendance in form. You came into form equipped with, not only the senses you would consider to be normal or mundane, but also with powerful and sensitive senses you’re only now beginning to become aware of as well.

The nature of humankind is so far beyond what has been acknowledged at this time that the explosion of what is to be regarded as normal for the average person will soon be an entirely different story from the one told among you at this time.

We would go on to say that the nature of all forms on Gaia are expanding in consciousness in tandem, and in alignment, with this rising awareness in the human community.

(Continued in Part 2.)

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