Lisa Gawlas: The Magnetic Blueprints Ready as We Move Into Construction Phase!


Written by Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, February 15, 2015

Did ya feel it??  Did ya allow space for the full on merger?  Do you feel brand new today?  If not, thats ok too, this is just the beginning and its all gonna quicken from here on out!!!

As my day began yesterday, I was once again summoned to my bathtub.  I have taken more baths this last week than I have taken in the last full year. But then again, there is no doubt something huge is emerging.

For the second time in two weeks, I felt the presence of my beginnings looping back around.  The first one was with watching the youtube video on Hermes, when Ramus (my guide of action, not words) showed up and ran chills up and down my left side.

The moment my back lay against the tub yesterday, Jill (the chick who showed up via the Ouija Board and was always present with Ramus in my meditation) whose body signal has always been to make my stomach rumble (like it does when you’re hungry) started immediately.

They blocked my vision so I couldn’t see what was happening, just allowed me to be present in the experience.  The line of energy being drawn in my body emerged with that very familiar rumbling sound and absolute feeling within the body.  First, a straight line from my outer right side to center, then from my lower mid line upwards to center, then circular movements around center, this all went on for easily, a half hour.

Then suddenly I hear “you’re done, go get a massage.”  Huh, a massage??  Really?  Then, make sure you take yourself to Red Lobster and indulge without worry about calories or money.  Who’s paying for this day??? lol

I got out of the tub and I think the only way I can describe it is the feeling of being full and that is not even close to be accurate.  The enormity of love that was filling me out… the tears started flowing, then the tears turned into sobs, guttural sobs.  The enormity of love expanding and expanding and expanding.

I was deep within myself, unable to talk out loud, barely able to type more than a sentence.  I so wanted to catch up on emails, couldn’t.

It took me about an hour to fully be able to catch my breath, when I did, I jumped in my car and went up to the bath house for a massage.  As soon as I got to the end of my driveway, my eyes were pulled up into the sky.  Two planes passed each other, leaving their white trail of energy to form an + in the sky.

Two planes, seemingly unrelated, but releasing the same exact energy to create center point.  I cried some more, I knew exactly what I was just shown.  Home in the fullness, the completeness, of All I Am.  I have finally allowed, surrendered to the fullness of Self.

My little twin crystal wanted to go for the massage adventure and who am I to argue.  I put the crystal between my boobs, laid down and let this wonderful lady have her way with me.  Instead of being on the massage table, my mind took me back to something I so forgot.  How the hell did I forget this?  Just before Michael left to continue his journey, out of the clear blue he asked me to lay down so he can adjust my spine.  Huh??  Where did that come from??

And how the hell did I forget about it??  The things I can hide from myself.  I was very aware, laying on the floor with this man I just met the evening before, twisting my body this way and that way… that I would not let go and fully trust him to do what he was doing.  Many a massage client got slapped by me for this.  But, even with my own completely aware resistance, vertebra cracked, ribs jostled.  It was great.  And yet thru each motion, I kept asking myself why can I not just let go?

It would be the domino that set the rest of my inner and outer moments into motion climaxing with yesterday.  I had to giggle while watching this two week review on the massage table first I get a back cracking, then I get some spiritual acupuncture and now, I must have done well. cuz completely surrendering to the massage, to her movements of my body… effortless!!

Let me tell you, spirit must have thought I am well to do, cuz they were spending my money like there was a bottomless pit of it.  Massage.. check.  Then I was prompted to download an ebook I had read when I first started this path, by Gregg Braden: “The Isaiah Effect.”  I gobbled that book up when I first read it about 14 years ago.  My team said now, I will hear it with the maturity of Self.  I downloaded it and, per my teams request the day prior, put my makeup on, got my body pimped out (for a freakin hike no less!! lol) and headed to Albuquerque with audiobook on.

Before I went on a journey with Gregg, my team did let me in on their prompting for me to do my makeup and stuff.  If I had a date with someone else, I would do exactly what I just did, makeup, cute clothes, earrings… the 9’s, but for myself… not at all.  Funny how we can be as humans (namely, THIS human,) light up the christmas tree only when someone is looking on purpose.

The flash point spirit talked about, happened in my bathtub, everything else was to get me out of the house and in-joying myself.  And I did!!  I even took my happy ass to a movie, another repeated recommendation by Michael that I was thrilled to see still playing in the movie theater: Interstellar.  What a nugget!!!  It put a whole other layer of understanding on the 3 dimensional construct I have been seeing with our earths multidimensional fields.

On my drive home, as I was listening again to good ole Gregg and the information from the dead sea scroll of Isaiah, my vision was on fire.  My understandings… phew.  A part of the Isaiah scroll, Isaiah was talking to the future people who would be reading his understandings, about “those with eyes to see and ears to hear” …what he is leaving within the text.  With this new enhanced vision of mine, I could see it all in vivid 3D holographic understanding and application.  My challenge right now, is bringing it into words.  I think I can at least start simply… or at least, try.

Our readings together over the last three years, imagine what we are really doing is building a house of light together.  Every single connection brings a nail, a hammer, a shingle or pieces of wood (going in the analogy of house building of course lol,) the magnetic thread needed for full construction. For this to even happen, there had to be a place on earth to hold all the various tools and parts, a magnetic center if you will.

Often times, it came with what I call homework, for you to expand on, if your true inner heart desire is to one day play in the fields of heaven on earth.  But even if you didn’t, the energy you brought to the party, embedded in the energy system for others to expand upon, if they desired.

Magnetic imprints of the soul thru the heart of the human incarnate, creating the energetic blueprint of what we have arrived into now.

There is so much I am leaving out, simply because I do not know how to reduce it to words, yet.  But lets just say, we now have the blueprints, the energy system is ready to go (that pole of energy I talked about yesterday.)  Our personal responsibility to see this thru, just went into overdrive!!

If you think a lot has been asked of you so far, just wait!!!  To use the phrase I am hearing right now “They upped the anti and it just went thru the roof.”   …gulp!!!

For those who moved into change where change was needed, this is going to become exciting beyond our wildest dreams.  Those who left a magnetic imprint in the desire, but did not move into the change that was needed… well, lets just say, sometimes we gotta be ripped from our comfort zone for full expansion.

On that note… I look forward to seeing how it all changed in the readings today!!  And hopefully, will provide me a working model of words to use tomorrow!!

I love you all soul very much, thank you for putting your pieces into the matrix, that alone, is brave!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of deep inner peace and excitement for the ongoing moments of new reality constructs!!

Lisa Gawlas

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