Wisdom with Wes: No More Distractions

Snapshot_20140731_2There are plenty of ways we can attune to spirit and keep our love and creativity flowing, but some of us tend to avoid them in favor of whatever distraction the mind places before us at the time.

Like I’ve said before, the mind and ego aren’t inherently ‘bad’ or negative – it’s how we use them that matters.

It’s easy to use them to distract ourselves from the things we can do each day to stay spiritually aligned and let our love flow, but we’ll always feel like something’s missing if we do.

We have no reason not to do the things we enjoy the most; the things that fill us with the spirit, but we can create all kinds of reasons if we aren’t motivated to do them.

The mind’s a neutral instrument until we use it in a certain way, and it’s only when we close it and let it distract us that it keeps us from enthusiastically traversing our path. Let’s keep our minds open and keep expressing our love, creativity and spirituality, because we’ll change the world one step at a time as we do.

Will you keep your mind open and embrace your creative/spiritual passions today?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac ❤

2015, http://cultureofawareness.com

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