Brad Austen: Reading The Future

Written by Brad Austen, Contributor for The Culture of Awareness, Creator of Mindful Meditations

Humanity has taken an interest in the future, particularly their personal future over many ages. Psychic readers and intuitives have been sought after to allow us to explore options, have an edge and make the wisest decisions. But can we read the future with any certainty? And does knowing the future potentially influence the outcome? This article will explore these questions and attempt to bring some clarity to them.

The first thing to remember is that we are gifted with free will, so our personal and collective future isn’t set in stone. A gifted psychic can read our ‘potentials’ along the timelines, but it is always up to us, based on the action or inaction we take. I recall as a teenager having a psychic reading and being told certain things were going to happen, but never occurred. It made me wonder if expecting these events to happen, without any action on my part, altered my will to manifest them? In my ignorance I thought, “Well, this is my future, it must be going to happen anyway.” Or was it? As I grew older and developed my spiritual nature by reading many spiritual books and articles, I now have a different perspective.

As humans we sometimes like to know what will happen in our future, so we can prepare for it or expect it. Others like to have surprises in their lives. I think it is healthy to take charge of our lives and have goals and aspirations to work towards, but allowing spontaneity is important as well. Our future is not set in stone; we create it one thought and action at a time. Individually and collectively we have several timelines to choose from and this is what psychic readers tap into and can read. While it would be safe to know our future with absolute certainty, I believe it would also be very boring. The deciding factor is always our choices made from free will.

Because of our collective free will, some human beings will choose spiritual growth and ascension in their lives, while others wont. While we occupy the same planet, our realities will be very different. I believe as we move into the future, these differences will become more pronounced. We will have humans on the planet that are living unaware and in darkness and humans that are growing in love and awareness. We will all occupy the same planet but exist in increasingly different personal realities and dimensions.

I believe reading the future does have it’s place, when used as a guide. With awareness we can explore potentials, pros and cons, and choose the highest path to travel down. If we are not happy with the outcome, we can make wiser choices in the future. Making mistakes is also how we learn, and all enlightened people make mistakes at some time in their lives. The key is to learn from them and endeavour to make higher choices in the future. As we move into the future, what future do you wish to create? A planet of peace and harmony or one of pain and disorder? Individually and collectively we always have a choice.

By Brad Austen © 2015.

Brad Austen is a writer and channeller exploring spiritual growth and ascension themes. He also is passionate about producing guided meditations to aid relaxation, healing and self-discovery. For more information, you can visit his website: or listen to his meditations on iTunes:


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