Steve Beckow: The Target in Building Nova Earth – Part 2

New EconomyWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, January 30, 2015

(Concluded from Part 1.)

To compare the conditions behind unworkability with the principles behind workability is like comparing apples and oranges.

Unworkability is based on the notions of separation, scarcity, survivalism, and service of self.  None of these notions is true; that is, none reflects the way life was designed or the Divine Plan there is for life (that all should realize their essential nature as God).

These notions led to such conditions as greed, lust, hatred, suspicion, vengefulness, etc. And these in turn led to destruction and despair. The civilization that adopted them, as did ours on this planet, would eventually find itself engulfed in a continual war of everyone against everyone.

Unworkability is a fear-based, conceptual grid that closes down our natural capabilities and faculties more and more as we go deeper and deeper into ignorance. It leads to nihilism, the breakdown of the social order, and futility.

Workability is not a concept. To be sure, it is a concept when we speak about it, but the referent – that is, what we’re speaking about – is itself not a concept, not a fragment or a part, but a context, a whole, a framework that leaves no one out.

Health can be enjoyed by anyone; love, generosity, and peace the same.New earth These are also contexts.

Workability arises from the natural and true circumstances of unity, abundance, immortality, and service to others.  Workability holds that we are all one, that nature is abundant, that we live forever, and that service creates a world that works. These principles align with the design of life and the Divine Plan.

Rather than leading to an eventual war of everyone against everyone, they lead away from war altogether. They provide a basis for all people to live together in peace, harmony and prosperity.

They mandate a sharing of money, food, water, transport, shelter, education and other community resources. They allow for the building of a cooperative commonwealth.

They promise that the illness and incapacited are taken care of. They see to the protection and thriving of the defenseless, like children, and provide equal access to all resources to all people, regardless of gender, faith, nationality, etc.

A civilization dedicated to unworkability eventually falls, as the Illuminati are falling now, while a civilization dedicated to workability flourishes, as Nova Earth will flourish.

Just as we learned to flush our system of our vasanas (or automatic reaction patterns based on earlier traumatic incidents) by letting them up and letting them in, letting them be and letting them go, so we are now seeing all the residue of millennia of warfare and revenge come to the surface of global society.

new earth ornament testAnd there are those among us who are letting those unworkable patterns in thought and behavior come up to their consciousness, where they’re transmuted and let go of again at a globally-conscious level.

When we meditate for rain in drought-stricken areas or for world peace, we’re letting up global unworkability, letting it in, and letting it go.

Certain principles help us approach the task of eliminating unworkability from our world.

One is that all “work” addresses unworkability. My keyboard is working and so I don’t spend any time working on it as an object unto itself. It ain’t broke so I don’t fix it. What I do address in my “work” is that which is not working in the world.

A second is that, in a world that’s not working, mostly unworkability is noticeable. Speaking from a general standpoint, as long as the chair I’m sitting on works, I have no attention on it, but at the first wobble or tip, I immediately give it all my attention. Not only does the squeaky wheel get the grease, but the whining brakes and the smoking engine. We give our attention most quickly to what doesn’t work.

In a world that works, of course, we’ll also give our attention to the arts, medicine, exploration, etc. We’ll further extend workability with all we do and all we meet, exactly as our star brothers and sisters are doing with us right now. Unworkability breeds unworkability until it’s stopped or abandoned, but workability fosters workability.

A third is that workability does not require the same work to maintain that unworkability does. To prosecute a war, one has to enlist troops, transport them, outfit them, feed them every day, tend to the wounded, etc. It takes work to run a war.

But it takes no work, per se, to maintain peace. Granted that it takes work in the old Third to protect a peaceful nation against an aggressive one.  But peace itself takes no maintenance. Once the guns of war end, peace returns to the countryside. It requires no enlistments, transport, outfitting, etc. It simply is, whereas the same cannot be said for war.

A fourth is that a world that works knows that everything we say and do has value because we say it does. Just as building Intercontinental ballistic missiles that were stored in silos or launched only to fall into the ocean had value because we said it did, costing the taxpayer billions of dollars, so does everything else.

A fifth is that workable solutions are characteristically global and holistic. They are fault-free and win/win. They leave no one out and create no residue to provide fresh inducement to new conflict.

They see through the polarity of either/or, winners and losers, and zero-sum solutions. They are inclusive rather than exclusive.

To summarize then the target, or target relationship, below a world that works is to transform all the unworkability in the world into workability.  The work of the next few years will be to see that such unworkable conditions in the world as starvation, thirst, homelessness, inequality, sickness and debilitation are addressed and either eliminated or else ameliorated.

A world that operates on workable principles and leaves no one out of the embrace of its solutions is a world that works. It’s the way of the higher dimensions and we’re pulling it down now to establish it in our own evolving world and in our hearts and minds.

Sacred 16

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