Steve Beckow: The Target in Building Nova Earth – Part 1

End 432Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, January 29, 2015

For me, there is a target in building Nova Earth – or perhaps I should say a target relationship. It’s:

Unworkability ——-> Workability

My hypothesis is that the work of building Nova Earth is the transformation of the conditions of unworkability into workability.

What are the sources of unworkability?

The basic source of anything is our thoughts. In the higher realms, all is created by thought, immediately, tangibly, noticeably. On the Third Dimension that we left, all was also created by thought but slowly and unnoticeably.

There are people who say “Get out of your head and into your heart.” That’s a wise saying. But it doesn’t change the fact that we create with our thoughts.

The mindset that created unworkability holds that separation, scarcity, survival, and service to self are unavoidable.

It doesn’t see the fundamental unity that exists among us at the absolute level or even at the level of love, which we could feel on the old Third, although relatively faintly compared to love in the higher dimensions, which many of us have experienced in spiritual peak moments. (1)

The cabal that controlled the planet didn’t see nature and natural resources as being abundant and unlimited, but fixed and limited. Only our belief in scarcity, operating on an environment responsive to our thoughts, deprived us of the abundance that nature always already offers.

The cabal also did not acknowledge that we’re eternal beings who go in and out of bodies as we wish, to learn more and fulfill the purpose of life (to realize our identity as God). It held instead that we live one life and then lie mouldering in the grave, waiting for Gabriel to blow her horn. Nothing could be further from the truth.

And it held that in life it was paramount to look out for Number 1, a standpoint which robs life of its beauty, blissfulness and the other divine qualities which are unlocked through service to others and service to God.

Operating from that basis, we created a world that worked for fewer and fewer people. The rest of us were called, by those who wished to control the planet, “useless eaters.”

They justified such a viewpoint by saying that nature favoured the strong and the weakest were never meant to pass their genes along.

They pooh-poohed the idea of life after death, calling beings outside the body “spooks” and “ghosts.”

They played up the idea of scarcity to enrich themselves as the controllers of natural and industrial resources and to give a natural explanation to what were manmade conclusions and concoctions.

And they went after whatever they could get their hands on and get away with, thinking that there were no cosmic policemen, no one was watching and, as long as one didn’t get caught, one could do whatever one wanted to.

They denied the existence of universal laws even while they used them, all in the interests of holding onto power.

Their “foreign policy” was divide and conquer. They benefited financially from wars. The last century was a time of endless war.

They planned a nuclear Third World War, which would start with dropping a nuclear bomb on Iran. They would hide out in the “deep underground nuclear bunkers” or DUMBs, lasting through the nuclear winter that followed.

Their DUMBs were dumbed down when the galactics, after removing all personnel, caused them to implode. (2) That was a statement that there was a new marshall in town and, yes, Virginia, there is a cosmic policeman.

The cabal that ruled the planet had brought about two world wars, culminating in the use of nuclear weapons which were apparently destroying planets in the Fourth Dimension.  The use of nuclear weapons had to stop and the galactic gendarmerie came to the planet shortly after 1946 and ended the use of nuclear weapons in hostile action (which was all they were good for anyways).

And saved the world.

Left to their own devices, the cabal would have continued on and created the kind of planetary catastrophe that the Bible pointed to. Many of them adopted a form of millenarial fundamentalism, probably because it suited their dark purposes anyways.

Their World War III was designed to leave 500 million people alive to serve as slaves. But all that was prevented, while still preserving as much of their freewill for them as possible.

Never were hostile rulers handled so gently. My understanding is that the Ascension door is still open for them, although few will probably choose to walk through the portal.

The entrenchment of unworkability in our world has now ended. The financial structures of the cabal are coming down but not so quickly or so far that a financial or economic crisis will be caused.

Yes, there’s some pain which we’re all experiencing but there’s also an end to it in sight and a return to conditions that will revolutionize our lives and restore us to security, abundance, and compassion.

(Tomorrow we’ll continue our discussion.)


(1) I distinguish between love on the old Third and love in the higher dimensions by calling the former “emotional love” and the latter “transformational love.” It transforms our experience from being Third Dimensional to being higher dimensional, for the time the experience of transformational love lasts.

(2) See “The Truth will be Revealed – Part 6″ at; David Wilcock, “Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed,” Divine Cosmos, Sept. 16, 2011, at ; David Wilcock, “Divine Intervention: ETs Defeating Old World Order,” May 9, 2012, at; “Perspective on 2012,” April 20, 2012, at; Wanderer of the Skies, Oct. 7, 2011, at; and Montague’s Message, Sept. 25, 2011, at

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