Wisdom with Wes: Have Fun with Life

Snapshot_20140731_2I wrote about the diligent inner work that helps us attain enlightenment today, so for this segment, I’ll go in the opposite direction and encourage us to have fun with life.

A lot of internal and external work needs done before we can enlighten ourselves or change the world, but even though enlightenment can be destructive, we’re meant to enjoy ourselves along the way.

We’re meant to have as much fun as we can, and we’ll deal with plenty of difficult personal issues that’ll earn us the right to enjoy ourselves.

We might as well play as hard as we work and use a positive attitude to uplift ourselves and the people around us. With so much pain, hatred and heartbreak in the world, it’s our responsibility to raise the collective vibration by having as much fun as we can in balanced, healthy ways.

We can work toward enlightenment and still have fun in life, but we have to release any negativity or sadness we carry within, because it’ll keep us from enjoying ourselves and living life to the fullest.

Let’s cultivate rich, memorable experiences as we climb toward enlightenment, and as hard as it can be, let’s not let anything bring us down anymore. With all of the miraculous things we can do with a quiet mind and a joyful heart, we have no reason not to keep the love flowing.

Will you have fun today?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac ❤

2015, http://cultureofawareness.com

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