The Voice Within: Things Will Fall Into Place


Faith can be an important part of the evolutionary process, and as long as you have faith in what you’re doing and the reality of the connections you can make with your higher self or any higher-dimensional source who wants to communicate with you, things will fall into place that previously couldn’t.

In all things, letting any mind-driven tension or rigidity go is essential to succeeding, and the dilemma many seekers face is in calming or opening their minds to allow the flow of divine energy and inspiration to take hold.

Some seekers have trouble believing they can make the greater intuitive connections many of you are starting to make, and this can make the process more difficult for them than it has to be.

As long as you’re willing to have faith and believe, however, you’ll make every intuitive connection you’re destined to make and those of you who are concerned with communicating with your guides or a higher aspect of your consciousness will be able to do so.

All that’s required is a little open-mindedness, and when you can let the mind-driven doubt and disbelief go, you’ll discover that you’re capable of far more than you’ve given yourselves credit for.

All it takes is the willingness to believe you can actually achieve what you strive to, and those among you with the most self-confidence; who are willing to express the most faith and security in what they’re doing, have noted the benefits their faith, security and willingness offer.

Above all, take it easy on yourselves when you don’t feel like you can make the connection with your oversoul you can now make, and know that you’re constantly guided and supported by everyone on the other side of the veil who’s focused on helping your planet and its people evolve.

The earth’s ascension doesn’t just entail a physical evolution on the part of humanity – every creature on Gaia’s surface and beneath her ground is evolving at this crucial stage.

Realizing this might put some of you at ease, because it’ll help you see that you aren’t the only ones going through what you are. Everyone else is experiencing the same physical and spiritual evolution as you, but some simply haven’t realized it.

They’ll realize it when they’re ready to make a greater connection with themselves and the higher aspects of their consciousness that are descending down and helping enlighten them, and when they do, they’ll have each conscious seeker who’s already been through a process they’ll have just started embarking on to assist them.

By Wes Annac, January 14, 2015

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