Steve Beckow: Vision for Building Nova Earth

Nova Earth 324Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, January 11, 2015 –

In our common work to build Nova Earth, I don’t think we can build on a global scale without coming from the highest values and I don’t think the work will have permanence without it coming from a sacred place.  For centuries we’ve lived as if neither of these assertions were true.

I think we’ve proved as a planet that a foundation less solid will not last.

What have we built drawing on low ideals and denying the sacred almost completely?

The mass media today tell us to trust that our government has our best interests at heart, to fear an ebola outbreak that the government itself is behind, (1) to be concerned with attacks in Canada and Australia that the government itself has carried out, (2) or in the Ukraine, (3) or probably in Paris.

The mass media sell us a version of contemporary history and society that seems designed to make us as bland consumers while keeping us in a state of fear over “terrorism” which the government itself stages.  The mental and emotional division created within the individual between pleasure-seeking and fear-avoiding is about as insidious a use of “divide and conquer” tactics as I may have ever seen. It is anything but calming.

The mass of us respond by losing faith in things ever getting better and thinking there can be no solutions for what ails us as a world. The religious among us look to the afterlife (or the next life) for the improvement in things that we so desperately want here and now.  Concluding this way, we settle into inertia.

But can we arrive at a vision for building Nova Earth that takes the weaknesses of our old foundation into account and provides a stronger, new foundation?

I think we can. Having a vision and a plan may allow us to emerge from this inertia, to create momentum for a world that works.

Starting out, we have to remember a couple of things. First of all, we need to remember that all worlds work in the higher dimensions.  When we say “a world that works,” we’re simply saying a higher-dimensional world.

Second of all, we need to remember that life has an order, a design, a plan. And yes, it’s a sacred plan.

What constitutes the highest levels of behavior arise out of that design or plan.

The unchanging plan applying to all life is for all sentient beings to journey through the school of life looking ever more deeply into themselves with the final result that they realize their true nature as, and return to total oneness with, God.

The Divine Plan sets out universal laws that help us achieve our sacred purpose, while allowing for free will. It can take us as long as we want to return to God but return we all will.

We discover along the way that conforming to the highest possible levels of behavior is the same as living according to the divine qualities. We quickly see that life has to allow the sacred or the spiritual back in, which has been completely deleted from all areas of life in the last century and a half.

So now we turn our attention to building Nova Earth and we too need a plan. I think the Company of Heaven wants us to come up with one. And my contribution to it is provide a vision for that work.

Given this preamble, I think you can guess what that vision would be.

The vision I hold out is that we lightworkers collectively are building Nova Earth drawing on behavior of the highest possible order, sacred in its form and content, whose aim is the spread of unity and universal love across the entire planet.

That I hold out is the aim of the work we’re embarked on. You can take that statement and run a mile it; I welcome all improvements. But that I offer as a starting point.

I think that proceeding in the way suggested by that vision will create the firm foundation we need so that any structure raised on it would last.

But to follow it would take a terrific amount of self-forgiveness.  I cannot claim to live life this way at this moment. I certainly would not offer myself as an example of this type of person. I aspire to it but it remains a goal out ahead of me.

What we’re saying is that we intend to live by the divine qualities.  And at ever-increasing levels of refinement.

And we intend to do a sacred work together:  revealing the unity among us all and loving each member of society equally.

This is my offering to the work then, a vision for the building of Nova Earth:

We lightworkers collectively are building Nova Earth drawing on behavior of the highest possible order, sacred in its form and content, whose aim is the spread of unity and universal love across the entire planet.


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