Jason Demakis: Money is Not an Escape


Written by Jason Demakis, Expanded Consciousness, December 27, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/k8ej8t4

Do you often daydream about having large sums of money at your immediate disposal?

Does the idea of having abundant income or savings make you feel extremely secure, knowing that you can solve any and all financial setbacks, bills, and expenses without worry?

Are you dedicated to the idea that if you just tolerate X lifestyle for Y more time, then you’ll finally have enough money to do Z?

This is a recipe for disaster, and here’s precisely why.

What’s Your Motivation for Succeeding?

Are you trying to build your dream life on top of a lifestyle that’s already extremely stressful, busy, hectic, and unfulfilling?

If your motivation for succeeding at any given goal you can possibly set is to escape your current lifestyle or situation, you’re guaranteed to fail.

This is especially (and mostly) true in regards to goals involving money.

I’m know that sounds harsh, but hear me out here.

Trying to acquire more money – or more specifically, doing things only because they generate money – is the quickest way to sacrifice your health, pride, creativity, passion, joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

Money will not give you any of these things. Money only expands what and where you already currently are. If you’re not in a good spot to begin with, you won’t be in a good spot if you suddenly come into more money. This will sound counterintuitive to anyone struggling financially who insists that their finances are their biggest burden to freedom, happiness, and fulfillment.

Little do such people know that the source of their misery is the belief that they need a particular threshold of money or income in order to allow themselves to feel secure enough.

Secure enough to forget about money momentarily until the next expense or bill is due.

Then, the process repeats over and over.

All the while, the individual is putting their true goals and passions on the back burner indefinitely.

What Do You Do With Money NOW?

Do you spend frivolously and carelessly on needless stuff, because on some level of your being, you feel you need to make sure you feel like your time traded was worth it?

Do you buy lots of new clothes and toys in order to feel fulfilled on that path?

Are you sacrificing your true passion path for new pants?

With the correct application of conscious willpower, you can live your passion AND pay your bills/buy new pants. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, and that’s exactly where your current limiting belief lies. You’re currently defining the situation in a way that demotivates you from attempting to change it.

Money is also your perfect proof that you’re not fully using what you have right now to the fullest to help you change your situation for the better.

If you can buy new clothes and toys with no qualms while being stuck in a situation you claim to hate – yet refuse to discipline yourself to use that same money to “build your out” – you know right where your true problem lies.

Notice What’s Already Happening

There are no rewards for overworking yourself unnecessarily.

Those who behave as gluttons for self-punishment will create their very own rewards of more self-punishment to complain about.

Those who behave as free human beings who stop fretting every time numbers move around in their bank account will create more opportunities to grow and be thankful for.

If you’re committed to a path of growth, while simultaneously convincing yourself that you have to do excessive grunt work just to maintain momentum, there’s a very good chance you’re misaligning with your action steps.

How many times now have you sacrificed what you really want out of life in order to maintain some level of financial or material “security”?

Do you trade your finite hours at a day job that leaves you feeling empty and lifeless, rather than using your daytime hours to pursue your passions and goals?

If you’re thinking “Yeah right, we need to be realistic here. You need to pay your bills or you’ll get evicted, and then you won’t be able to follow ANY goals at all!” 

Are you squandering what precious free time you do have away from said job with things like TV, Facebook, and Xbox Live to drown our your spirit’s desire for serious, fulfilling change?

Have you ever truly, fully, 100% committed to a path of passion before, or is your history littered with minor dabbling here and there?

Have you ever felt so strongly of success, happiness, and serious self-fulfillment that you put in more effort, time, and energy on your passion than you did previously worrying about how much your job sucks, and how you have to suffer through it?

If you’re already willing to do lots of work you dislike in exchange for pay, you’re going to carry this attitude over into everything else you do.

You can’t escape it.

This is because your consciousness is holistic, and it doesn’t compartmentalize the areas of your life and simply leave them be. It doesn’t think “Oh, I behave this way at work, but now I can behave this way because work is over for the day!”.

No; it carries over into everything else. Soon you’ll find yourself tolerating friends and relationships that doing nothing for you…especially if you’re trying to get something from the other person. You condition yourself to settle for way less than you’re worth.

All of your results across the board suffer.

Thankfully, there’s a remedy to this issue.

Courage is The Gateway to Seriously Fulfilling Growth

The secret to overcoming this catch 22 with money is to consciously decide that no matter how much or how little money you have in your possession at any given moment, that your path with a heart is your priority.

A numerical amount in a database isn’t enough to sway your excitement for simply taking action and doing the things you enjoy doing.

When you truly align yourself and stay committed, the universe will bring you resources via highly-serendipitous synchronicity.

These are the true rewards for following a path of growth.

Sometimes they involve money, but most often they will involve a situation or circumstance to get you what you need in order to continue.

If it involves money, it will be provided to you in a way that is compatible with what you have, where you are.

In order for the universe to “gift you” with these synchronicities, however, you must be doing all you can with what you have, where you are, right NOW.

This requires the conscious and willful application of courage.

To exercise courage is to act and behave in new ways even when you can’t guarantee a positive outcome.

This is the exact recipe for kicking the universe in motion around you, and triggering the types of synchronicity you daydream about while sitting at your day job.

Your misery, complacency, and apathy are being caused by the fact that you have yet to actually DO just that. You’ve done everything BUT that, and you know it. This is exactly why you must begin behaving consciously and courageously in the face of such a personal challenge.

All material limitations melt away when one is committed to a conscious path with a heart, and refuses settle for anything that doesn’t allow them to use their creativity, intelligence, and passion to their fullest.

Follow your heart courageously, master your mental and emotional connections to money consciously, and watch as it begins arriving obediently just when you need it…and not a moment sooner! 

What if money didn’t matter? 

About the author: 

Jason Demakis a frequent Expanded Consciousness contributing writer. Read more of Jason’s articles HERE. Jason is best known for his writings of consciousness and meditation, and has profound knowledge in each.

Website: http://www.jasondemakis.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jasondemakis
Email: JasonDemakis@Gmail.com

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