Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters: A Comprehensive Study of the ET Contact Phenomenon

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Note from Wes: I received the following via email. I don’t know if it’s legitimate, but I thought I’d share it for anyone it might interest.

FREE, the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, is undertaking the first ever “comprehensive ACADEMIC study” of the “ET Contact” phenomena–  The FREE Experiencer Research Project.    Our research project will focus on individuals who have had any type of “Contact” with an ET (a “Non-Human Intelligent Being”).

We at FREE, the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, are undertaking the first ever comprehensive ACADEMIC research study  on the ET Contact Phenomena–   Our research project will focus on individuals who have had any type of “Contact” with an ET (a “Non-Human Intelligent Being”).

Very little “academic” research has been undertaken in this field and we aim to address this need.  To this effort, we have assembled a team of 15 experienced researchers in the ET contact field–  2 are retired university professors of psychology each with over 40 years of teaching and research experience, Dr. Jon Klimo, our Chair (IMO, the top academic on the “Paranormal”), and Dr. Leo Sprinkle (the “Dean of Abduction Studies”).  They will be assisted by 13 individuals, most having at least 25 years of experience in this research field.

Attached is a document that lists all of the members of the FREE Experiencer Research Committee.  (Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Dr. Jon Klimo, Whitley Streiber, Mary Rodwell, Barbara Lamb, Kathleen Marden, Ralph Steiner, Dr. Joe Lewels, Dr. Michael Melton, Denise Stoner, Giorgio Piacenza, Craig Lang, Christina Knowles, Chase Kloetzke, and Rey Hernandez).

FREE will also maintain a comprehensive database from all of our surveys, summary of case histories and publish the results of our findings, hopefully in peer reviewed academic journals.  After our publication of our initial findings, all of our data will be available for download by anyone–  this will be the first time that this type of research data will be available to the public at large.

Our FREE website, EXPERIENCER.CO, already has an initial “simple” quantitative survey instrument to help identify possible “Experiencers” and determine if they want to undertake a series of secondary qualitative and quantitative research instruments–  a more comprehensive Phase 2 quantitative survey and a Phase 3 Interview, that will be based on a series of open-ended questions, will be conducted by “Interviewers”.

Most of our FREE Advisory Board members and Consultants have agreed to serve as “Interviewers”.  We are currently seeking an additional 10-15 individuals that might want to serve as Interviewers for our FREE Experiencer Research Project.  All of the volunteer Interviewers will be thoroughly trained by our 2 academic professors, Dr. Jon Klimo and Dr. Leo Sprinkle.

Should you decide to volunteer as an Interviewer, you will receive one “Participant” to Interview at a time.  You will be given the results of their Phase 1 and Phase 2 interview results and then given specific open ended questions to ask the Participant. We do not foresee the total time for interviewing each Participant to last more than 3-6 hours.  This can be done in a series of interview sessions.  After each interview session you will be entering a summary of the Participants answers to each open ended question in our specialized computer survey program Interview Response Form.

After you have completed your entire interview, you may then request a second Participant to interview.  Once again, there is no time limit placed on how much time you have to complete each interview.  We are all volunteers and do not want to pressure anyone with time limitations.  The quality of your work and that you meticulously follow our Interview Protocol is more important than any time restrictions.

You will also not be provided with any information to identify the Participant–  there will be complete “Anonymity” throughout this entire process.  You will not know the Participant’s name, address, or any other identifying information.  You will only have their case number and either a telephone number or email to contact the Participant.

The Participant will remain “anonymous” at all times and confidentiality will be of primary importance.   Finally, please note that each of you will be trained on all of the protocols for our Interview process and all of your questions will be addressed by members of our Research Committee.

The Phase 1 Survey instrument is already embedded in our website, EXPERIENCER.CO   I am also sending you two additional DRAFT Survey Instruments for our FREE Experiencer Research Project–  our Phase 2 and Phase 3 Survey Instruments.  Once again, the attached survey instruments are only DRAFTS.

At our last Research Committee meeting, that took place on December 4th, our Research Committee members identified numerous specific changes that still need to be made to these survey instruments.

Please note that these identified changes have not been made to these documents but will be in the near future.  We are sending them out for you to review WITHOUT these proposed changes so you can get an overall understanding of the documents that will be administered to each Participant.  Please note that the Phase 2 and Phase 3 documents are not finalized.

I am also sending you a “sample” result from our Phase I interview survey that is embedded in our website.  Please not that this data is not finalized since we only began collecting this data 2 months ago and it is only data from our Phase 1 survey.

Once again, contact me with any questions and if you are still interested in volunteering as an “Interviewer”.  As you know, history will be made via this research and it is important that we find appropriate and dedicated individuals to undertake this important work.

FREE was established with the insistence and guidance of Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man on the moon, and Dr. Rudy Schild, Emeritus Professor of Astro-Physics at Harvard University.  Both are founding members of FREE’s Board of Advisors.

No one has ever attempted this type of study on Experiencers before– it will be the first comprehensive ACADEMIC study on the ET contact phenomena involving a series of two comprehensive surveys and a follow-up formal interview with each Participant.  Phase 1 is our initial survey that is already embedded in our website.  A more extensive survey, our Phase 2 survey, will be provided to those individuals that choose to participate in our formal interviews.  The formal interview will be the Phase 3 component of our study and it will involve a series of “open ended” questions.

The FREE Experiencer Research Project is being chaired by 2 retired Professors of Psychology–   Dr. Jon Klimo, the world’s leading expert on the so called “Paranormal” phenomena, and Dr. Leo Sprinkle, the pioneer in the research field of “ET Contact” who published his first article on this subject in 1962.  By the way, both Dr. Klimo and Dr. Sprinkle are “Experiencers”.

Dr. Klimo is the Chair of our research project.  Dr. Klimo has chaired over 250 Ph.D. dissertations, 75 of them on the topic of the “paranormal”.  Dr. Klimo has also taught “Research Methodology” for over 40 years.

Other members of our research project are: Mary Rodwell, Whitley Strieber, Barbara Lamb, Ralph Steiner, Kathleen Marden, Denise Stoner, Giorgio Piacenza, Dr. Joe Lewels, Dr. Michael Melton, Chase Kloetzke, Michael Lang, Cristina Knowles, and several others. This is the cream of the crop when it comes “ET Contact Researchers”.  Most of these individuals have worked with “Experiences” for over 25 years.

The ET Contact Phenomena comes in “all flavors and colors”– some Experiencers perceive their experiences as extremely positive while some as extremely negative, and so many in between.  FREE does not take any position regarding what might be the “ET Agenda”.

We might have our own personal individual hypothesis and beliefs, but as an organization we stand neutral on the ET Agenda issue.  The ET Contact Phenomena is extremely complex and we agree with Einstein when he said: “Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.”

ANONYMITY: As a participant for our 2 surveys and formal interview, the Participant has a choice to remain “ANONYMOUS”. There will be no way for us to find out who is the Participant, where they live, or any other information to identify them.

Please inform all “Experiencers”, individuals that have had any type of “Contact” with an ET (a “Non-Human Intelligent Being”), about our FREE Experiencer Research Project and encourage them to take our initial survey that is located in our website. Should you have any question about our research project please send us an email to:  FREE@EXPERIENCER.CO


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