Krishnamurti Quotes: Life is Action From the Beginning to the End

8c960-jiddu_krishnamurtiJ. Krishnamurti Online, November 29, 2014 –

I do not know if you have noticed in the morning, high up in the sky, the big vultures, the big birds, flying without a movement of their wings, flying by the current of the air, silently moving. That is action. And also the worm under the earth, eating – that too is activity, that is also action.

So also is it action when a politician gets up on the platform and says nothing, or when a person writes, reads, or makes a statue out of marble.

That is also action when a man, who has a family, goes to the office for the next forty years, day after day, doing drudgery work without much meaning, wasting his life endlessly about nothing! All that a scientist, an artist, a musician, a speaker does, that too is action. Life is action from the beginning to the end; the whole movement is action.

Collected Works, Vol. XV, Action


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