Steve Beckow: Imagineering a New World – 1/3

ImagineeringWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, November 28, 2014 –

The word “imagineering,” usually attributed to Disney Productions, was actually coined by Alcoa around 1940. (1)  It’s the perfect word to suggest the manner in which thought creates in the higher realms. Even in the Astral Plane, which we access after death, thought creates.

We are imagineering a New World into being.

If we’re to imagine a better world, and thereby call it into being, we have to make more and more distinctions that help us orient and manouever.

Some I’d like to explore in this series are workability and unworkability, evolution, an expansion in the meaning of humanness, the role of the unknown and unseen, and a few more.

Let’s start with “workability and unworkability.” Anything that performs its design function without breaking down is said to be working. Anything that fails to perform and breaks down is not working. That which does not work we commonly describe as a problem. And much of our active life and waking hours are spent making the unworkable work or fixing problems.

If we were to extend this view of things to the world scene, we’d approach the reconstruction of Nova Earth as a fixing of all the world’s major problems or a movement from planetary unworkability to planetary workability.

I can’t provide a list of all that’s not working in the world. Someone else will have to do that.

Certainly hunger and poverty would have to be on it. Drought, diseases – these are all obvious. All planetary unworkability will need to be transformed into workability or this is not a Golden Age and it isn’t Nova Earth.

Moving from planetary unworkability to workability is what I called in a previous article a “game.” We’ve made one condition better than another and agreed to go there. The game is to get from one place to the other.  A game can have teams and roles, etc.

I call this “the World Game.” It’s one in which getting to planetary workability is deemed to be better than remaining in global unworkability and so we all agree to do what it takes to get from the one to the other.  Building Nova Earth, in my model, is the World Game.

The next concept I’d like to notice is “evolution.”  We conceptualize events moving through time in two standard ways in our civilization. One has been called the historical and biographical. And the second is called the evolutionary or developmental.

The distinction between the two is that the historical or biographical tracks an individual person, or family at the most, through discrete events in discrete time.  The history of the Hatfields and the McCoys or the biography of Winston Churchill are examples.

The other tracks classes of things or events through non-discrete time. The evolution of banking and the development of agriculture are examples.

We’re very much used to seeing and tracking historical events around us. But we’re not used to discerning evolutionary events.

The landing of the galactics on this planet begins a new phase in our evolution. And we stand to witness it. That is an evolutionary event.

The coming of global abundance is again a first step on a new evolutionary line and we’ll participate in that.

Mass, physical Ascension is another leap in development that is unto itself evolutionary in scale and importance.

We can’t imagineer our future if we don’t realize what’s happening with us, to us, and around us. Unless we know what process we’re embedded in and witnessing, we cannot appreciate the nature and significance of the events unfolding around us.

(Continued in Part 2.)

(Steve will be taking some days off for moving his apartment in early December.)


(1) “Imagineering” at


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