The Intuitive Guidance (and Creative Inspiration) of the Higher Self

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

When we open up and let the worries, concerns and judgments of the mind fade away, we open ourselves to the influence of the higher self – an infinite entity who we’ve been gifted by even higher aspects of our consciousness who wanted to give us some assistance along our growth and evolution.

We can all connect with the higher self, and all that’s required is to continuously empty the mind and open up to the flowing energies and expressions of the heart. The heart will also need to be opened in a sense, because it’s through the heart (and subsequently, the intuition) that we connect with the higher self.

Both the mind and the heart will need to be open if we want to make a pure connection, and we’ll know when our minds are closed by a few telltale signs. Our creative links will seem to have run dry, for example, and we’ll have difficulty doing anything creative or spiritually inspired.

We won’t feel very open to the love our hearts constantly express through our open minds, and even though this love will still flow through our minds on a certain level, keeping the mind closed keeps us from feeling it (and the creativity that lies within it) and using it for positive and progressive purposes.

Like I’ve said plenty of times, I think we’d all benefit from opening up to the higher self, and when we do, we’ll access and communicate with a constant creative link that’ll enhance our spiritual/creative works and make it far easier to reach the flowing creative ‘sweet spot’ we enjoy so much.

Love and creativity go hand in hand, and you may notice that your creativity’s enhanced when you’re in a pure, loving space. From experience, I’ll say that this is because we connect with our higher selves when we’re in this space, and if we want to maintain this connection, all we’ll have to do is let our inner love constantly flow.

To stay connected with the higher self, we’ll want to do two things:

1: We’ll want to follow the constant intuitive guidance we receive. We’re given constant impressions from the intuition about the choices that are and aren’t the best and most helpful for us to make along our paths, and if we continuously follow this guidance without missing a beat, our connection with our higher self will strengthen.

2: We’ll want to stay as open to our calm, loving center as we can.

You’ll notice that when you’re in your loving center, ‘time’ as we know it seems to dissipate, along with your perception of it. You no longer rush to complete whatever it is you’re doing, and your desire to do things ‘correctly’ is replaced with the desire to enjoy them – to use them to express as much and as pure love as you can.

The more love we feel and express, the greater and purer our connection with our higher self will become. I’ve quickly become very passionate about connecting with the higher self, because I see that it’s the greatest source of personal, intuitive guidance we can receive and its messages will help us greatly along our evolutionary path.

All of humanity is believed to be experiencing a gradual and ongoing spiritual evolution, and in time, everyone will be aware of spirit and the reality of the greater connections we can make.

This can only happen if we stay diligent and remain connected with our higher selves, however. Instead of distracting ourselves or falling away from the greater spiritual connections we can make, let’s recognize that we’re as infinite as we allow ourselves to be and use our opening and expanding hearts to perceive and act on our infinity in a real, pure way.

We’ve just begun to do all of the wonderful things we’re on this planet to do, and with the loving assistance of the higher self, our ability to use our spirituality (and creativity) to create positive change will be endless. We’ll accomplish far more than we expect, and we’ll be very glad we went out of our way to remain connected.

The higher self, if properly connected with, will expand every aspect of our creativity. Personally, I strive to remain connected with my higher self so I can communicate its constant impressions via the creative work I put out for all of you to hopefully benefit from.

We have an infinite ability to creatively express ourselves, and the more we foster and maintain this ability, the more direct and potent it’ll become. It’ll eventually reach a point where no obstacles will stop us from constantly accessing and feeling it, and when this happens, our ability to create positive change will increase tenfold.

This’ll happen when we’re ready for it to – not a moment sooner – so let’s continue to keep our minds and hearts open to the flowing energy of spirit and use the raw, creative energy and potential that result to uplift the minds and hearts of every person who’s been lost in the darkness of the lower vibrations.

Our future depends on our ability and willingness to remain intuitively connected with our higher selves and follow the constant advice we’re given, and after all of the affirming and creativity enhancing experiences I’ve had with my higher self, I’m not about to sever this connection.

The greatest challenge we’ll experience in staying connected with the higher self is to continuously follow its promptings, and while this may not be easy in some cases, it’s only as difficult as we allow it to be. As long as our minds and hearts are constantly open, we should have little difficulty following the higher self’s intuitive guidance.

We’ll be glad we constantly received this guidance, and we’ll especially be glad we followed it. We’re headed for the higher realms, and in my humble opinion, staying connected with the higher self and channeling the energy/inspiration that results into ceaseless creative works will deliver us back into them.

Some seekers use their creativity to find a higher state of consciousness, and I don’t know about any of you, but this is what I strive to do in emptying my mind and staying connected with the higher self. The benefits of maintaining this connection are endless, and every seeker will eventually realize this.

For now, those of us who have realized it are tasked with acting on it, and as always, our positive influence will radiate out to everyone who’s had trouble connecting with their higher self or following the intuitive promptings they constantly receive.

Stay strong, fellow seekers, and know that as long as your minds are open, navigating this otherwise difficult planet will be a breeze. We just have to be willing to stay open when it’s easier to get distracted and close ourselves off from spirit, and with time, effort and patience, we will achieve our dreams.

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  1. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    This post explores two things that I cherish – love (heart-intuitive guidance) and creativity (passionate, courageous inspiration) as a means to connect more with your Higher Self.

    I’ve quoted before, “Creativity and heart are not separate. It takes a heart to dream and it takes creativity to love unconditionally.”

    The author, Wes Annac, shares similar in saying, “Love and creativity go hand in hand, and you may notice that your creativity’s enhanced when you’re in a pure, loving space.”

    Let’s remember that when we listen to our hearts and intuitive guidance, it may take us into realms of both shadow and light, and all of this is part of the powerfully creative journey to empowerment, greater conscious awareness, and loving transmutation.


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