Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: Such is the Love Flowers Give

Heavenletters: Such is the Love Flowers Give, Channeled through Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org, November 9, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/oqzxstt

God said:

You come from love as love itself in order to be love that expresses itself. And when your days on Earth this time around are done, you are returned to the love from which you came. Love expresses itself. It must. Love is like that. Love likes to shine. Love does not like to be pushed down, squeezed, flattened etc. Love is love. A flower loves so much, it pushes its way up through soil joyously. Such is the love flowers give.

It is the nature of love to expand. It is also the nature of life to expand. Everyone is here on Earth for expansion of love expressed in life. Love expresses itself, not by decided explanation or accountability, but simply by expanding. Love loves to expand. Love loves to well up and burst forth like something new and burst and burst. First a flower is a sprout, and then it unfolds its leaves and then it blossoms.

You, a human being, have expanded. Sometimes you have curtailed the expansion of your love, yet more always accrues. Expansion has its ways.

Love is such a natural thing that it needs no games made of it. Truly, love needs no practice, yet sometimes, because of reticence, because of holding back from fear, you have to dare yourself to burst your bounds. The expression of love is the most natural expression in the world and in Heaven, yet sometimes you may need to give the outpouring of your love permission. I speak of love even as given in the form of kindness to a stranger.

You know, it is your love We are speaking of. It is your love that is important. You are not here on Earth to make trades for love. Love is not on the bargaining table. Your love is not dependent upon someone else’s love. We are not speaking of love suffocating, love obliged, love following some rules made up for the sake of demonstration or for reward. There are no limits to love, yet that does not mean that love cannot be quiet. Love can just be where it is without any fanfare. It does not have to be given plaudits.

Love is a requirement and yet, love has to be allowed to be free. Sometimes on Earth, what is named love may be something less, as though it were a victory. Love is not an establishment. It is not a possession. How do you give love? Give love without talons. Give love because love arises from your heart. Nothing has to happen because your heart loves. There is no owning love. Love makes no demands. Love is cause, and does not have to have effects. Love is not something to be figured out. Love issues forth from the heart, or it is not love. Love can grow, yet love cannot be contrived. There is no obligation to love or to return it.

Flowers are a symbol of love. Flowers grow simply to offer themselves. A flower is happy to be picked and taken home. A flower is also not bereft if someone passes it by, or if someone admires it and doesn’t pick it. Flowers do not total up evidence of love. They just love. If a flower is not picked, it’s okay, for the flower was giving love all the while. A flower makes no rules and regulations. And are not flowers beautiful and written about in poems? Flowers’ love is known. Flowers look up to the sun, and their love is known.

What more can a flower ask for than to love? A flower basks in the sunshine of love. A flower makes no demands. A flower does not insist. A flower does not have preconceived ideas. A flower, whether someone picks it or not, is fine about it. A flower does not have the idea that it dies on the vine. A flower’s love depends upon the flower. The flower knows that it is not a commodity. A flower grows to the sun. A flower simply loves because it is its nature.

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