Wisdom With Wes: Observe Ourselves

Snapshot_20140731_2When we’re going through difficult or chaotic times, one of the best things we can do is observe our attitude and behavior to determine if we’re living up to our goal of remaining balanced and acting as peacemakers for those around us.

As difficult as it can be to comprehend or put into play, we’re here to bridge the gap between the earthly and higher realms and this entails pouring our unconditional love into those around us – especially when we face difficult times.

The next time we’re immersed in stress or drama that pertains to those around us, we can keep in mind that our role is to do little more than express our pure inner love for everyone around us to draw off of.

When we can do this without limitation or hindrance, we’ll take our first steps on the journey to true mastery. The sooner we take these steps, the better, so let’s be conscious of our actions and behaviors in every moment and ensure that we no longer falter along the paths we’ve set out for ourselves.

How do you choose to interact with others today?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac 🙂

2014, http://cultureofawareness.com

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