Steve Beckow: Second Last Stop: Whidbey

Grants Pass 11
Grants Pass 2014: Steve, Kathleen, Jay and Barb

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, October 30, 2014 –

We’re on Whidbey Island tonight, our second last stop from home.

There’s a well-developed community of lightworkers here, most with no connection to the blog, doing yeoman’s work in various areas of lightwork.  I wish I had a second self or could bilocate, to write up what this community is up to. One project sums it up: it’s called the Giraffe Project. It honors people who stick their necks out.

Many people might more correctly be called lightholders and loveholders, following Buddhist and Hindu spiritual paths. It seems a deeply-related community and it tugged on my heartstrings quite a bit to leave it.

Last night in Seattle we had the pleasure of meeting  person who styled herself a light warrior. And I’d agree. She’s risked life and limb to expose corruption in government to establish the first women’s shelters in Washington State, to write plays exposing 9/11, vaccines, war-mongering and several other social ills.

I could go on and on listing the fields she’s competent in, but you get the picture. Another polymath.  Another example of the quality of person that’s come here to help with Ascension.

And like almost everyone we’ve met, lonely and isolated, lacking someone to just chat with about the things we take for granted here but can’t talk about without ridicule and ostracism in the outside world.

The climate has changed. We’re now in the Northern temperate rainforest again, with the accent on “rain.” The weather is colder. The wind seems more insistent. Leaving the warm climes of California was like being kicked out of the nest.

We had a reading with Archangel Michael this morning and one of the questions we asked him was what were our marching orders going forward. And we agreed on a road trip in perhaps May. He told us to do it the same way we did this one: just get out on the road and trust. So we’re aligning on that, as scarey as the idea is at first glance.

This trip is different than the speaking engagements that many lightworkers go on. We’ve talked on occasion but, everywhere we’re gone, we’ve listened to you. We feel we know so many people at this point. The themes of the high caliber of people, the rough treatment in early life, the loneliness and isolation, the often hardscrabble existence and the persistence of service remain the same.

If they remain the same in Bellingham, we’ll have seen them reflected in every lightworker group we’ve met with. One could abstract from them and say that many lightworkers appear to have agreed to experience the drama and trauma that occurs on Planet Earth in their early and early-adult lives and then to climb out of it by pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps.

Then, in the environment created by their persevering until they freed themselves from their vasanas, core issues and false grids. They developed the determination and strength to go on to serve in the areas of trauma that they themselves had transcended.They’ve persevered even though they’ve had no one to talk to or compare notes with.

Some are positively wound up like a top from having no one to speak to. Never mind abundance. The first order of business, the triage that needs to be done, is to connect ourselves together as a community and listen to each other. And listen and listen and listen.

Listen until each other has had a chance to tell their entire story.  Let people get caught up in the way that opnly telling their story completely can do. Give the lightworkers around you the sweet balm of acceptance. Lend them an ear and hear how it’s been for them. Make time for them. Provide them with the love and support they need to feel that they’re making progress and can go on.

Our communities need to draw together and begin to connect up in the networks we agreed to before we came here. Soul groups need to join together. Partnerships that have become stable can serve as the central focus of a group.

Those who serve by cooking food and having guests over can provide a gathering place, if a home setting is wanted.  Otherwise a quiet restaurant or a coffee shop.

However it’s done, whatever arrangement is made, it’s time to come together now and make sure our lightworker neighbor is in good shape.Because it’s lightworkers who will lead in this next phase of community-building. Because our work will begin on a social level. We’ll put our personal lives, our life lived as a story, behind us and begin to serve.

If we want to hit the ground running, or model centeredness or groundedness, we’re going to need to be free of the debilitating effect of all the isolation we’ve had to endure for so many years.

Someone joked at one of the meet-ups: “Be here now, you flipping freak.” That describes us.

We know the destination (the here and now), but we haven’t quite finished with the cleansing and clearing on a social level (“you flipping freak”).  We’re getting better at the personal level of lightwork, but we haven’t even gotten out of the starting gate, many of us, on the social level. Time to come out of the closet and at least meet our fellows in lightwork.

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