Steve Beckow: Feeling is Believing


Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, October 29, 2014 –

Many people have said to me that they’re by no means complete with their vasanas. What am I talking about?

I hear you. But unless someone declares that they are at least relatively complete, the space called “I am complete with my vasanas” will not exist. It’s born, so to say, from our speaking, from our say-so, as are all declarations.

It having been born, others can then live into that space or aim for it or investigate it.

A second space which we cannot live into until it’s called into existence by our speaking is the context of the divine female and divine male.  Until we declare its existence, it doesn’t exist for us, for all intents and purposes.

But now it does exist because it’s been declared, the declaration is out there in the collective consciousness, the idea is abroad, etc.

And one of the ways to get from here (no divine female and male present) to there (divine female and male present) is to observe and accept the alterations in experience, character, etc., which arise as a result of the rise of the new context within us.

I’d like to discuss one alteration in context I experienced today. That’s entry into the realm of feeling as opposed to the realm of thinking. I realized today that I lived in my head and I discerned what it really meant to “feel into life.”

And my larger purpose in looking at this is to focus awareness on emergent knowledge just as I focused attention earlier on departing vasanas.  Put another way, just as I traced my experiencing to completion (or sourcing) of vasanas, here I’d like to trace my experiencing of a new way of knowing or experiencing; in this case, “feeling.”

I should preface it by saying that I had intellectual knowledge of “feeling.” I could tell you what I was feeling. I was what we would have called “in touch with my feelings.”

But that turned out in the end to be shallow compared to what was really being pointed to by the phrase “feel into” something. Today I was introduced to a whole new area, which is this mode of experiencing.

Many people will probably respond that they’re well aware of what I’m pointing at, but I’d need to check that out because I thought I was aware of it too and I was not. Even after years in the Growth Movement and many Enlightenment Intensives, I still was unaware of what “feeling into” meant.

Today Kathleen had me “feel into” a situation and I actually had the experience of a kind of etheric “foot” extending from me into the area that she wished me to feel into. And that “foot” literally had the ability to “feel into” the area it was commanded to go into.  The “foot” was a spiritual phenomenon, whether etheric, astral or something else I know not.

There have been movies in the past that represent that form of experiencing. The Abyss shows a being extending itself by drawing  water into a column which it extended as its body.  That waterbody went from room to room in a ship and collapsed when touched.

War of the Worlds featured a very negative version of it,

The area did not need to be a physical location; it could have been an emotional space, as it was for me today.

I could also compare it to a snake’s tongue that derives information from the air.

I had never in my life experienced such a thing. Every time someone said “feel into it,” I missed entirely what I was being asked to do. And I’m not sure if the people who requested me to “feel into it” necessarily were totally familiar with the space either. I don’t know. But I have never seen the matter discussed (even if it has been).

So I’m now trying out this new modality to see where it takes me.

But the wider context for this share is to demonstrate how new fields of knowing and experiencing are opening up for us and how our experiences investigating and testing them out can be as easily shared as our clearing of vasanas.


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