Everything is Spiritual

“When I see spirit in everything, peace is at hand” – Jonathon Lockwood Huie | Credit: Dreamthisday.com

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Our channeled sources, spiritual teachers, etc. have shared something with us that I think is important. I think it’s important because it pertains to my personal life, and it pertains to all of your personal lives as well.

I refer to the idea that we’re meant to embrace every aspect of our existence on earth. Everything we experience is necessary and important, and as easy as it’d be to deny any particular experience, we’re meant to embrace all of them.

There are obviously aspects of living on this planet that are less than preferable, and I don’t necessarily refer to any dark or painful moments when I encourage embracing everything we experience. We don’t want to deny, ignore or hide from those moments, but we don’t want to embrace them to the extent that we constantly experience them either.

I’m talking about every aspect of our existence – especially the duller aspects we’d rather not experience. Let me give an example.

I’m passionate about writing, channeling, and music. Lately, my interests have expanded to include nature, spending more time with my family, and similar pursuits. There are a lot of things I really enjoy doing; things I feel passionate about, and yet, there are aspects of my existence that I’m not so passionate about, like doing chores.

Nobody really enjoys doing the dishes, for instance, but we can make these activities fun for ourselves by trying little things here and there. When it comes to doing chores, I listen to music all the way through and sing along to my favorite reggae songs while I clean, do the dishes or do anything else.

I’m able to make those things bearable, but even if I didn’t have music, I’d still recognize the importance of embracing them as necessary aspects of my existence.

Sometimes, my wife, child and I are asked to go spend the day with family. I obviously enjoy it, but like any creatively passionate/obsessed person, in the back of my mind I’m always thinking about what kind of creative or musical thing I could be doing.

If I let myself, I could solely embrace my spirituality and creativity, but instead, I see that there’s more to life. Don’t get me wrong – spirituality and creativity are among the most important aspects of life to me, second only to spending time with family, but I won’t constantly choose them over other aspects of this existence that are still very important.

I won’t say cleaning the house or doing similar things is more important than our creative or spiritual work, but there are consequences if those things don’t get done and that automatically makes them important.

Feel free to take the examples I’ve given here and insert your own tedious responsibilities into them, and in doing so, you’ll see that they’re necessary and important.

We can’t truly enjoy ourselves and our earthly existence without doing a few things we aren’t passionate about, and if we embrace these things with the understanding that they’re just as important as our creative and spiritual work, we’ll find that they actually become spiritual.

Even though it could be difficult to comprehend, our reality and everything in it is already spiritual. However dense or spiritually absent certain tasks or chores may seem, literally everything we experience is composed of spirit, including them.

When we perform the densest and most uninspiring task or chore, we serve spirit. When we spend time with our family and go out of our way not to talk about any of the greater creative or spiritual revelations we’ve begun to uncover, we still experience spirit.

Spirit couldn’t possibly be absent from our lives, however absent it seems from certain things, and I think realizing this is essential to truly enjoying ourselves and reclaiming the sacred inner and outer freedom we’re meant to have.

We aren’t meant to slave away serving some CEO who doesn’t care about us, but when it comes to dull, uninspiring things or things that are just no fun, they’re just as spiritual as any other aspect of our reality.

Sometimes, I have issues with the messages I channel, because they never come out clean and correctly spelled. Since my fingers struggle to keep up with the intricate impressions that rapidly flow in, the messages tend to come out very garbled and misspelled, and this leaves me with a lot of polishing and editing work to do.

Sometimes, I feel like I could be using my time or energy in the moment I’m editing the messages for something better or more constructive, but I recognize that the headache of editing them is more than necessary.

If I let my fingers slow down and spell every word correctly, the impressions just wouldn’t flow like they usually do, so I see that editing them is important, however tedious it can get.

Again, this can be said about everything in our lives that doesn’t inspire us, and the next time you’re tasked with a dull or uneventful chore that drags on your sense of enjoyment, you can remember that spirit’s constantly with you and use the sacred connection that results to enjoy whatever you’re doing.

We’re meant to enjoy our existence on this planet, and as strange as it might sound, we’re even meant to enjoy the tedious tasks that don’t inspire us at all.

We’re meant to enjoy everything, and we’re meant to see that spirit comprises everything in our reality. Realizing that everything’s already spiritual and perfect as it is will help us embrace things we could’ve otherwise dreaded, and even a long hour spent in a waiting room can be a great spiritual/meditative trip if we let it.

It all comes down to our perception; how we choose to see the reality around us, and if we’re in a constantly loving and receptive frame of mind/heart, we’ll never have a dull moment again.

Everything, even the most tedious chore, will be a breeze, and we’ll no longer deal with any oppressing thoughts that’d make us feel like we aren’t the free and sovereign beings we are. We’re freer than we realize, but we have to reclaim and constantly express our innate freedom to begin enjoying it.

Having a specific chore or task to complete doesn’t take away our freedom, even if we don’t enjoy it, and with the understanding that everything we experience and do is a necessary aspect of our lower-vibrational existence, nothing will ever be a drag again.

We’ll enthusiastically handle every experience or challenge we face, and others will start to live by the example we willingly and proudly set. We can anchor an unhindered spiritual reality onto ourselves and our planet, and all it takes is the willingness to embrace everything about our existence and always keep in mind that spirit’s with us.

We’re guided and supported by an uncountable number of higher-dimensional souls who watch our evolution play out with love, and all we need to do is call on them (and spirit in general) to ensure that consistent dullness is replaced with consistent passion, motivation and enthusiasm.

These qualities will lead us back home, whereas the constantly depleted, stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed qualities of the ego will keep us from exploring our consciousness and living up to our true potential.

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