My Perspective on Kathryn May’s Resignation from Channeling

Kathryn E. May

Written by Wes Annac

I just read a post from channel Kathryn May about her decision to stop channeling (, which she made because she’s tired of false promises she received from her sources about the financial revaluation and various other subjects that are popular with some segments of the conscious community.

I notice that in a lot of channeled messages, there’s an air of “something grand and magnificent will happen on XXX date”, and personally, I don’t think this sort of information is very helpful to seek from channeled sources.

I think our intentions and the things we want to learn or hear when we channel determine the type of information we receive and the entities we connect with. If we genuinely want to learn about ascension or the spiritual nature of our existence, then the entities we connect with will be naturally aligned with spirit (as would we) and they’ll give us a lot of interesting information.

However, if our focus is on when the ‘pain and darkness’ as we perceive it here on earth will end, then we’ll naturally seek answers about just when it’ll end and this could cause us to connect with entities who’ll give us the types of answers we want to hear.

Essentially, I think our intention when channeling will determine the entity we connect with and the answers we receive. Intention is very important, and if we want to learn about spirit or the higher realms, we will. If we want to be told all of our problems will be over after just a little bit more waiting, which entails inaction, then we will be.

When the resulting predictions don’t manifest, I don’t necessarily think we should hold it against the Company of Heaven or the process of channeling in general.

A lot of seekers have understandably abandoned the very idea of channeling because so many channels have sought answers to questions about a financial revaluation, financial programs like NESARA, disclosure, and various other things that point to an end to darkness and unawareness.

Instead of all-out abandoning it, I think we can see that there are right and wrong ways to do it. There are right and wrong avenues to explore when we channel, and if we seek genuine information about spirit, our ascension and the conditions of the higher realms, as opposed to wanting to be told fuzzy information that’ll make us feel good, we’ll see that there’s something real and genuine to the act of communicating with the Company of Heaven.

Personally, I don’t look to the Company of Heaven as some sort of ‘saviors’, and this is why I don’t hold it against them when predictions they apparently make don’t manifest.

Part of me wonders if it’s really them or an aspect of the minds of the channels who seek answers to questions that seem misaligned, because I can say from experience that when we let all of the sensationalism and requests for predictions go, we open up to a very real and pure source of inner spiritual information.

I also think that after a while, everyone will have fostered a strong link to their inner spiritual knowledge; to their higher selves and guides, and we won’t need to read channeled messages on the internet because we’ll have everything we could ever want within.

For now, these messages seem to help a lot of people, and as long as we aren’t seeking information that isn’t very relevant to our ongoing conscious revolution (like when the pain and unawareness as we perceive them will end), we’ll see that intuitive, spiritual communication has a lot to offer the conscious community and the rest of humanity.

Personally, I don’t strive to see everything negative about this world come to an end, and even though we’re gradually shifting into a higher state of consciousness, I recognize that the things we’re going through on the world stage are necessary for our growth and advancement – even the unjust reign of the cabal.

The cabal’s reign will naturally, gradually end as we continue to raise our vibration, and I don’t think it’ll all happen in one fell swoop just because an apparent channeled entity proclaims it will.

Like Kathryn said, we are the light, and we’ll create the spiritually revolutionary changes that need made. In my opinion, the support we’ll be given from the Company of Heaven along the way will be more gradual and behind the scenes.

I don’t think they’re about to boldly make themselves known, because we still have so much work to do as a collective before we could even think about hosting their presence.

Like Kathryn also encouraged, let’s focus on uplifting ourselves and the world around us with the love and knowledge we carry within instead of putting all of our faith into misaligned channeled predictions and bold proclamations that a very necessary lower-vibrational experience will somehow immediately end.

It won’t, but we’re gradually shifting into an age of knowledge and spiritual upliftment.

Some of us gain this upliftment from communicating with our higher selves, our guides or any other facet of the Company of Heaven, and we can communicate with spirit without focusing the messages on when the lower vibrations as we perceive them will come to an end.

Spirit communication has so much more potential than this, and when we seek predictions, we basically force the entity we communicate with to fit into a narrow perceptual view that naturally results in distortion. I don’t think we should expect aligned, truthful answers from channeled sources if our intent or our questions aren’t quite aligned.

This is my perspective on this subject, and it comes from having experienced my fair share of disappointment when channeled predictions didn’t manifest, which was transformed when I realized that seeking predictions isn’t what channeling’s for – it’s for gaining knowledge and upliftment.

Hopefully, more people will seek this knowledge from within instead of focusing wholly on anyone’s words or observations but their own.

Much love everyone,

Wes Annac 🙂


  1. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    I think this is worth reading. Perhaps Kathryn was channeling true things for a while then at some point some other beings were channeled that were not who they said they are. This is the challenging aspect of channeling, some can come in who are not who they really are, and it can be hard to see.


  2. I thought for a while if I should say something or not, but because of what my life has turned to, I have to call things by their proper names. I´ve been introduced to channelings about 10 years ago and since I started reading and believing that crap (yes, I said crap…), my life simply went totally to the toilet. “Almost, very soon, almost there, the time is now, close” and all sort of expressions cheering up mankind, are nothing but a fairy speech used by mean entities that put place people´s salvation somewhere in the future, sayig that the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters are doing something to invert this. Well, they´re not. Spending ten years or more earing constantly broken promises is not any different of what our corrupt politicians do. There´s always some credible excuse these entities and sources can display to justify their missed agendas. This is so much sad because there are people earining money from other´s people dispair and lack of self esteem, making a lot of money, simply because there are people with good heart who suffer from watching mankind and the planet being treated this way. I´ve knew portuguese channelers, brazillian channelers and I used to read some stuff on-line in english. Now I read less and some authors I stopped reading at all, because they repeat to exhaustion the same speech and nothing ever happens. Personally, I lost a girlfriend, a Ph D, my health beacuse of believing what channelers said. Ten years after, I´m taking medication, I don´t have a job, I´m sick I have no money… but guess what: N0 2012! NO Dislcosure! NO ships! NO Reval! NO Nesara.

    I was feeling the need to point some names, but I guess everyone, sooner or later, we´ll get there, as I did. Sadly, I gave money, sometimes a lot, to this kind of people. They´re so well trained once we star to criticize about what´s obvious ( there´s no change at all, except for what is wrong gets worst… THAT HAS CHANGED!), they come up with more talk trying to justify what is in plain sight: This entities and Hierarchies simply are like our politicians: They just promise and don´t deliver!

    Well, I´ve earned the right to criticize, with all the pain and mess I got into 10 years ago and that still lasts.
    So people, beware of channelers and their prophecies, including some that are posted at this website and Steve´s (and anywhere else). Zap´s, Sheldan´s, Poofness´s, Fulford… it´s all the same crap. By the way, I haven´t managed to read Miss May text, once the link goes to Facebook and some people are not present there, so they´re not spyed by CIA/NSA and all the 5 Eyes crew. Maybe Wes can post the text from Miss May, I sure be glad to read it, one more woman to get out of this channel plague.

    Ricardo Nuno
    Portuguese unemployed with life in mess beacuse of channelers and their false predictions


    • Hi Richard, I was also like you, disgusted after channeling, transcending, meditating etc, I found that I was constantly being led in a wrong direction…I did this for 15 yrs! What a waste of time and energy.

      In 1995, I had a mentor/reiki master/ light worker. I went to her on a referral by a friend to get my chakras fixed.
      I was having issues with my health and I was curious about the chakras.
      After a few sessions, she offered to teach me how to channel and meditate. we worked together. I had many “spiritual” experiences, at the time I believed them to be connections with angelic light beings but now I know they are demon spirits.
      I know this because something happened in that I was able to see them in the physical realm and it scared the hell out of me!
      I did not know if I was hallucinating, going insane or being haunted. I was surrounded by alien reptilians and strange ugly blob entities that were disguised as humans. Sometimes I could not discern peoples faces, they had a black mask like cloud cover.
      {at the time, I was living near China Lake naval station; now I know they (us gov) are involved with alien and UFO activity.}
      After this began, I went to my mentor, shaking and trembling, afraid to tell her what I was seeing but I had to tell someone as 2 days had gone by and it hadn’t stopped.
      She affirmed that I was truly seeing the spiritual in the physical realm. I wanted to see beautiful beings not these grotesque hideous creatures.
      It was then that I realized, this is exactly who I had been communicating with, there are no such things as beautiful light beings.
      I was able to see them for what they truly are.
      They don’t look anything like the serene images I seen of St. Germaine, Sanada, etc.
      Now I am a born again christian, I follow ONLY JESUS for the last 4 yrs.
      I urge everyone reading this to stop this channeling, mediating nonsense!
      I was fooled but I thank God Yahweh YAHOVAH not the “universal power” or goddess, there is only ONE GOD, JESUS is the only savior.
      I am finally free of anxiety and panic attacks.
      When I became born again, baptized to be a follower of JESUS, I was tormented by demons, I still had all my books, tarot cards, crystals, oils, everything from my new age witchcraft past.
      When I had a dream to throw them away, I did just that the next morning.
      For 3 days, while that stuff was outside in the trash bin,I heard scratching, knocking, and howling on the walls and windows until it was hauled away.
      Would angelic light beings behave that way? This is proof these so called spirit guides are really devils!! Why did they behave so hateful and mean?
      If just one person believes me and saves their soul from hell by this message, it will be worth it to share my hellish experience.
      All the “positive” thoughts and collective consciousness is bull!
      I am happy and my life is now on a good path because of Jesus, He IS the Way, the Truth and the Life! Don’t mix in Isis, chakras, tarot cards, singing crystal bowls, Astor projecting with Jesus. The true Jesus is all you need, not a false new age Jesus.
      I’m not talking about religion or church as the churches are in darkness too.
      Seek your path with Jesus by praising his holy name and read the scriptures. Start with the book of John, the Holy Spirit will guide you if you truly seek him and believe on him too. I recommend the King James Version.
      I’m so glad I heard him calling me back to him. I hope he calls you too, please go to the TRUE LIGHT OF JESUS and come out of the darkness.
      If you do and experience demonic attacks, go to my YT channel, I share how I changed my path and got true heavenly help!! Visit me @ prayntongues, God Bless and Shalom!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I read Kathryn May’s resignation article and agree with Wes’ thoughts on her resignation. I became beyond excited at the close of 2011 for the arrival of 2012 and all the wonders to unfold. I am still excited, but realize that “as above, so below” and that we as very special created being, maybe even experimental being, right now have the opportunity to pause, take deep breaths and catch up with the light, with our own growth and development and become who we are meant to be. I love “time out” so I can do my “homework” and hopefully become proud of myself for the growth I hope to continue to make and love reading Kathryn May’s work as well as Wes’. In fact, love to all and may we all amaze ourselves, each other, and even the Company of Heaven.


  4. I always thought her to be a lying b*tch!

    Too much fictional bullsh*t…

    In fact, most of these “channelled” messages I think are done by the Tavistock Institute and passed over through the internet to the ACTORS pretending to be “channelers”…

    To make people passive and non-disruptive.

    It is a very well played out game.

    This is why I think, sometimes, that those lights that I INDEED SAW TWICE ONE YEAR APART FROM EACHOTHER might be military holographic technology.

    Although, some things have been changing and the color and brilliance of the Sun is one of them…

    But these people are not what they pretend to be.

    Benjamim Fullford is one of them…

    Didn’t he say he had “ninjas” that would take ALL THE ILLUMINATI DOWN?

    What happened to them? Did they all DIE? Or did the moron LIE?

    The 5D Raver


    • I hope you don’t mind, 5DRaver, but I slightly edited this comment to put stars in the cuss words. Nothing else is changed, and everything you said remains in tact. I wanted to let you know so you didn’t think I was editing your material dishonestly.

      Much love 🙂


      • I find it “funny” that americans “care” about censoring other people’s words, but don’t lift a finger to stop the imoral and illigal bombings of other people in other countries.

        They see that as ok it seems. Since they do NOTHING about it.

        But “vulgar” language is never acceptable as vulgar behaviour by them…

        Anyhow, it looks infantile to put the asterisks on them.


        But Americans feel entitle to censor OTHER people’s words on the internet, while accepting everything else so subserviently.

        I would never think it was dishonest. As I KNOW what I DID type.

        And it was not what it was published.

        The “New Earth” will not be built upon CENSORSHIP.

        In my dreams and hopes.

        But I am only one. And I have been censored everywhere.

        The only one TRUE american I have “known” is Moby!


        He got my respect! A TRUE American.

        The 5D Raver


  5. you made a good point here!

    I think you could be the right person to adress the fundamental issue of “The Golden Age of Gaia”…

    For me it is saddening and exasperating to see that people with the best intentions are surrendering themselves totally to their channel Linda Dillon. She is acting like the many “Dinar-pumpers” announcing the imminent ‘Reval’ for years (‘AAM’ a few days ago: ‘Reval’ is real and coming soon…). And she is running her business in a very similar way, selling conference calls, as well as ‘personal readings’, webinars, meditations etc. She even engages in businesses that are driving many into ruin to the profit of few: In her recent Lake Tahoe event she promoted a new, and notoriously aggressive player in the MLM-scene…

    When you write “I notice that in a lot of channeled messages, there’s an air of “something grand and magnificent will happen on XXX date”, and personally, I don’t think this sort of information is very helpful to seek from channeled sources” then this is a remark from an honest and loving seeker, but NOT from a businessman! It honors you, and exposes business-oriented channelers. To make business you need to feed the victims with what they want to hear, and continuously stir up sensation and exspectations. And as Dinar gurus as well as Linda Dillon know from rich experiences, you can issue prediction after prediction without loosing the sheeple, when you ‘explain’ the failings.

    Your attitude however is really caring and loving, and it reveals that you are not acting and writing thinking about your bank account.

    I like to give when my not-so-rose situation is permitting it. But I would never give a dime to Golden Age of Gaia, because I do not consider it appropriate to support a clever businesswoman in her villa in Florida in a situation like mine, that is for 20 years now dictated by difficulties.

    But my next donation will go to you.

    with the expression of my highest esteem,


  6. Many of us here have experienced the channel world I call it, and perhaps it was necessary and part of our journey, I have long stopped listening to everyone and have been very selective in what I choose to listen to. If it is uplifting, if it is empowering me and if it is of higher dimensional learning, it is something that I can use for my own betterment. I have been writing about kathryn for a while now, I don’t understand why some people are trying to make excuses for her? As an educated woman, obviously she must have at some point realized that the information she was receiving was not empowering, most of the information she channels is 3D crap, nothing that we can take hold of and empower ourselves. Whatever the reason, she has had many years to figure it out,so we need to ask what took her so long and why did she wait so long to speak out? I wrote to her a year ago and asked to think about what she was doing because she was publicly offering this information and lives were being affected, if she fell from grace, it would hurt her followers. Yes, I know we have choice to choose or not, but we must also understand that there are many that are just waking up now and have no fucking way of even knowing what true discernment is or resonating with truth when they are new at everything. We’re always focused on us the enlightened, but rarely do I see anyone talking about the just awoken ones. I write about this as well, when someone writes a comment on my blog such as: “I have heard this before it’s old news”. I respond by telling them that there are others that read the blog and are just starting to wake up so we have to be aware of this. Most of Kathryn’s followers were those that were just starting to wake up, it sounded grand, all this money talk and prosperity, money is our weakness, but many have also left because they never moved, nothing moved, everything was always on hold and wait and see.
    So, my final comment on this is that Kathryn knew she was compromised, I think she’s implanted and controlled and is totally out of touch with reality. She has continued where she has left off, suggesting to watch a movie? Come on folks, I know truth is painful, but if you still believe in this woman, then you must still believe in Santa Claus, she has nothing to offer anyone what they can’t do themselves. Kathryn is not teaching anything that we can’t find ourselves through books and educational materials, in fact, she’s got nothing to offer at all and I don’t read about anyone improving their life because of her either. We need to get real and rather than give our power to someone else, take that power back and do the work ourselves. She is speaking at a level where not everyone is at, some of us are young souls, some are old some are ancient, her ideology is one size fits all and that’s not the case, each of us are unique. These false light beings are just sucking up energy from and her followers by constantly keeping them in some kind of drama and she’s had plenty of those too. Just my 2 cents worth.


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