Lexie Laredo: 3 Celebrities Who Use Their Stardom For Conscious Awakening


Written by Lexie Laredo, www.thespiritscience.net, September 28, 2014. | Thanks to Collectively Conscious and Awakening Daily.

As we become more consciously aware, we come to the conclusion that there is something intense and unbalanced about the way that we create “celebrities” in the world.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people all putting their focus on individual people – movie stars, musicians, and even politicians… for those on the receiving end of such mass attention, it can send one off the deep end. This is also in-part why so many “celebrities” have redonkulous ego’s and strong drug problems…

But it’s not ALL for naught, for what is a Celebrity but someone who is celebrated? And if we can all learn to celebrate each other, we can all live the lives we want to, we can all be loved and respected by our peers and those around us.

Here is a list of 3 amazing people who from their own merits have been put in the public eye and spotlight, and instead of using their attention to build up their ego’s, they use the attention to spread information and awareness and ideas that are otherwise considered unorthodox and out of the box… and it’s awesome! They are also the 3 most inspirational people to me who contributed a lot to my own spiritual growth and awakening. Thank you guys!!

Russell Brand

You’ve probably seen Russell Brand being a total bad assT over the past few years, reminding the world what’s really going on and spitting out some spiritual truths. He’s been on various news shows, podcasts and interviews where he discusses the importance of connection, the government, media, the fact that we aren’t just material beings and much more!

The message he brings is especially important coming from someone who has lived within the Hollywood realm, and now wants to break free from it. He’s taken part in the games the media and corporations play, endlessly distracting and distorting our perception of the world. Now he wants to set this paradigm right by bringing the people together to create a consciousness revolution!

Joe Rogan

Remember the host of the show Fear Factor? Maybe not, and if you do he seemed like a very ’3D’ oriented person, focusing on realities shows and making money. He has shifted to the desire of spreading truth and awakening the world. His podcast The Joe Rogan Experience features various friends and celebrities discussing three hours of whatever they’d like.

The topics range from float tanks, mysteries of the world, government ongoings, what needs to change, health and fitness,  the positive effects of certain drugs and the list goes on. His show ‘Question everything’ has a good message and ideas behind it even though each episode seems to have him be overly skeptical about each topic they explore. It feels like he needs to put on that vibe because its on television.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey has always been exceptionally strange, and amazing. In this speech he talks about an awakening he experienced after reading Eckhart Tolle. He says thought is responsible for the suffering we all experience and that  in this experience he could look at the thoughts from another’s perspective.

It was through this that he experienced a transcendant and expansive feeling of freedom. An experience that many have described experiencing as well. In that state, the individual “he” became everything and everyone all at once, Jim ceased to exist, and in his place was no longer a fragment of the universe, but the universe itself.


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