Wisdom With Wes: Resiliently Spreading Positive Energy

Snapshot_20140731_2The main purpose of our existence on this beautiful planet is to spread the positive energy we’re here to use to uplift humanity.

When we can remember that keeping our vibration high is more important than any momentary goal or issue we’re experiencing, we’ll navigate our lives much more easily and our positive influence will spread to everyone who could otherwise be easily taken down by the pains and stresses that come with living on earth.

Strength, empowerment and resilience will always be important, and it helps to keep in mind why we need to embody these qualities: so we can shine our light, free of any worries or concerns about the drama that competes for our attention.

We’re here to uplift ourselves and everyone around us, and even when we’re embroiled in conflict, we can keep in mind that we’re meant to spread a good vibration instead of endlessly fighting and hating each other.

Let’s allow love to become far more prevalent than we have so far, and let’s invite everyone else on this evolving world to do the same.

How do you choose to express your love today?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac ❤

2014, http://cultureofawareness.com

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