Kathleen W: On the Road

images-2Written by Kathleen W., The Golden Age of Gaia, October 21, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/mzl4pez

As Steve and I continue our trip listening to and speaking with lightworkers down and up the west coast of the United States, we’re continually amazed. The deep heart sharing of life stories and spiritual journeys in town after town is phenomenal.

At the beginning of our trip it was individuals who were stepping forward to visit with us. The transition to groups gathering to speak happened seamlessly, first in San Diego, then Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Mount Shasta and Ashland.

We’re entranced with the depth of work that has been done and extend great gratitude to all who stepped forward to share. Thank you so very much to each and every one of you.

The community work is fascinating. A year ago in a personal reading, Sanat Kumara told me that the abundance flows will begin with “a sharing of wealth”. The listening Steve and I have been doing with individuals and groups has illustrated the spiritual “currency” flowing, heart to heart to heart: circles of light-workers – “light-players”- coming together to share and work together in Joy.

Steve and I have been speaking to these groups about the simplicity of the $1 a month Golden Age of Gaia subscription idea that Archangel Michael whispered in my ear in the summer and then confirmed in a personal reading of Steve’s. Archangel Michael talked of the balance:

“The idea of subscription is balance. It is the give and receive so you are simply moving on to the next level, if we can put it that way, of give and receive.

“I suggest to you that the inspiration [for the subscription] has been implanted in your hearts, has been a gift and a pointing to an alternative way.

“Now while we are speaking of this, it also means everybody who is involved, the givers, the receivers, the intermediaries are stepping up a notch… well, actually it is a quantum leap… in terms of, not only how you perceive generosity and the act of gratitude but also your ability to create, in form, in this flexible inter-dimensional reality that you are occupying.”

We’re seeing a correlation between what Archangel Michael says here and what we‘re encountering on the road. The community work we’re hearing about from individuals and groups is very similar. It’s human beings taking care of human beings, whether it’s anchoring light in the poor parts of a city, gifts of food, a healing or car tires and a place to stay for a homeless single mom; it’s the sharing that’s bringing us all together and to a new level.

Lightworkers are holding firm in their resolve to bring kindness and consideration to a new level carrying us all into the future of Nova Gaia with Love and diligence. It’s a Joy to be a part of this undertaking.


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