UFO Sighting: September 2014

Wes: This video’s in another language, but it shows a very interesting UFO sighting that took place over a beach. In it, we see what seems to appear as one UFO quickly breaking apart and multiplying into various UFOs, which we’ve seen before. It’s definitely an intensely interesting sighting, and I have to give my thanks to Joy over at ‘Joy 2 The World’ for sharing it with me.


    • I can’t say for sure, 5DRaver, but I’ve seen quite a few sightings like this. Something tells me the craft genuinely belong to the galactics, but I suppose you can never be certain. I have heard that military craft is slightly different, but for all we know, the shadow government could possess holographic craft.

      I suppose time will tell!

      Much love 🙂


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