‘The Collective’ via Caroline Oceana Ryan: A Message to Lightworkers – 10.9.14

97b69-cosmicportalThe Collective: A Message to Lightworkers, Channeled through Caroline Oceana Ryan, October 9, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/mp2f62z

The latest guidance for those on the Ascension path, from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective.

Greetings to all! To those Lightworkers who are in joy, and those many who are currently in states of despair, confusion, fear and disarray.

For we see how you are working hard to maintain your inner equilibrium in and amongst these heightened energies and accelerated states of Light and Love now reaching your planet.

As your dear Earth breathes a sigh of relief for the healing and restorative properties of these higher frequencies, so also does your souls.

And yet, you are left feeling as if “dragged through the hedge backward”—unsure, unsettled and quite disturbed by all the shifts and restructuring taking place.

Understand first that your Lightbodies are receiving the very great forms of construction and “upgrade” as you might say, that they have desired and needed to experience for millennia. Indeed, you have had no Lightbodies in the Earthly sense for many thousands of years.

But now you are receiving Light capabilities and fifth-dimensional energetic capabilities, including the ability to hold far greater Light in your crystalline bodies, and to sustain frequencies unknown to you before now in these Earth lives. You are now increasingly able to develop those gifts, insights and open channels to the higher realms that lay dormant or unused, or blocked by obstacles, for so many thousands of years.

Your dear Earth is also shifting, and that is one reason for the sudden outbreaks of violence and disturbance you are witnessing in places such as the Middle East and Far East—a reaction to energy shifts, as well as the last desperate ploys of a dying breed of “controllers.”

Some of this disturbance is the urge for human rights breaking through (as witnessed in Hong Kong) and some of it is contrived, created by the dark ones for yet another reason to keep your human race in a constant state of instability and fear.

Yet you do not fear, for you are seeing through their not-very-clever ruse and all it intends.

You are seeing through their lies in the sense that you are growing strong enough now to overthrow them, for good this time, and not only in some small and limited measure.

Understand that there will be no terrible, out of control outbreak of Ebola or any other “killer virus.” This virus was revived and spread amongst certain populations out of a desire of the dark ones to spread fear and panic, to damage certain countries and populations’ financial stability and to reduce populations—and in a sense, out of utter spite for the rising tide of human sovereignty becoming plainer to them by the day.

The Earth shifts are temporary and are laying the groundwork for calmer days ahead. Allow your dear Mother planet Her times of movement, including outbreaks of violence from people disturbed by the energies of Light, as well as solar flares and astrological influences, which are powerful at present and quite disturbing to many of you.

Yet there is no need to qualify this time as disturbing in general.

For if you can understand these shifts are necessary moments of pain—as a child is comforted by their parent when the doctor removes a twig or piece of glass from the child’s body after an accident—you will know that the actions, though painful and strange at the moment, have only good as their intention.

It is in fact a Great Good, a great and overwhelming Love that you experience now—and that has created a time of cleansing of old energetic structures, some of them in your very bodies and individual energy systems, which can be utterly uncomfortable. We understand this, and empathize, as we experienced this ourselves in the Ascension process that we have experienced at different times in your history and in the history of other planets.

Though Earth’s Ascension process is unique, for a number of reasons, we do understand your discomfort. We are continuously sending the Light of comfort, kindness, compassion and warmth to those of you currently feeling left out in the cold.

We know that you feel as if your painful pasts and all they contain were ganging up on you in one last heave to hold you down, as if to hold your head under the water, to deny you the glory of the knowledge that you have overcome these past pains and tortures—the oppressions, abuses, lack of decency and intelligence that you and so many millions have been subjected to over these many centuries of dark control.

Understand that those who are without physical form in your Universe are also undergoing great shifts and changes. They too are remaking and restructuring their energy systems, as indeed your Universe itself is doing—being flooded with Light, and shifting into this golden age of peace and prosperity in all its forms.

And so we would ask that you not despair, but see your situation from the other side—from where we are now.

Though this requires your imagination, it will lift you from your feelings of sadness and confusion as your old karma finally releases you, and is dissolved for all time.

Allow in the Light, in conscious ways, that will fill you and keep you from feeling that you have been abandoned, as so many of you are feeling now—the sort of homesickness felt by those who cannot even remember what Home was like.

We are with you at every moment, and wish you to know that you are never alone.

Recall as often as you can during your day that you may call upon Light as a conscious entity, and it will hear you and fill your consciousness as well as your bodily systems.

And too, you can drink purified water as often as possible, and get more physical rest whenever possible, as ways to quiet and calm some of the upset.

In coming weeks we will speak more of the upheavals and great shifts—unprecedented forms of renewal and dissolution of the old—that your political and financial systems are undergoing.

But for now we would send you the gift of energy, infused in this writing, that will stir your hearts and thoughts to rise higher, to think of the good will of the coming season and the beauty of the present season, to believe in your release at long last from all that has held you back from your fullest incarnation as sentient beings of Light.

Namaste! We are with you. Fear nothing, and be in Peace as you tread your Higher Path.

Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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