Strength is as Important as Love

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I’m learning from experience that if we want to thrive here on earth, we’ll have to be strong. It’s far too easy to let depression take us under, and if we want to combat it, we’ll have be strong enough not to be susceptible to lower emotions.

Our perception of strength has been distorted for the most part, and we’re taught to believe that it can only be physical. I’m learning that this isn’t true, and in fact, mental and emotional strength is more important than physical.

Most of us have a lot of reasons to feel down on this lower-vibrational world, and if we let it, depression and its entourage of lower feelings and emotions can easily make us forget why we’re here: to raise our individual and collective vibration.

Our work will be muddied if we can’t open up to spirit and refuse to let any lower qualities ravage our souls or our sense of wellbeing, and despite how easy it is to let negativity and depression in, our purpose here on earth is far too great to continue to give in to them.

This is where strength comes in, and it’ll help us combat any potential negativity we face. Whenever we have the opportunity to feed depression or negativity in any form, I think the best thing we can do is to embrace the inner strength that’ll help us diminish them from our perception.

We can use not only love, but the inherent strength it provides to transcend any low or depressing feelings that attempt to influence us, and in general, I’m learning that we’ll have to be strong if we want to thrive.

Only with strength will we clearly and continuously access the positive and uplifting qualities/emotions that’ll help us raise our vibration and the vibration of the rest of the planet, and if we’re unwilling to use our inherent strength, the lower qualities that ravage us will easily bring us down.

We won’t feel any sort of protection from these lower qualities if we’re unwilling to be strong when we face them, and they’ll basically flood our perception and bring us as far down as we let them. We don’t have to let them negatively influence us any longer, and in fact, we can outright denounce them without avoiding, ignoring or suppressing them.

Denouncing negativity is very different from avoiding or suppressing it, because if we suppress it, we display that we haven’t employed the level of strength that helps us deal with it.

If we try to ignore any lower qualities that come knocking, we’ll only display weakness and inability – two qualities we’re on this world to help transcend. Some of you probably already know the things I’m saying, but given that I’m younger than most of you and I’m just starting to learn a lot of crucial lessons about life, you’ll have to bear with me.

Others are on the same level as me, and hopefully, those of you who are will find comfort and strength in what I’m saying. I never used to embrace strength or the idea of being emotionally resilient, but I’m starting to see that it’s more important than I realized before.

It’s not only important for our personal wellbeing, but for the wellbeing of our family and the world around us. With love and strength by our side, we can face any negative or daunting situation and we’ll find that we handle them quite easily.

All it takes is the ability and willingness to be levelheaded when we could easily fall into depression or hysteria, and even though it might be difficult for some of us, we’ll find in the end that it was more than worth it.

‘Only the strong will continue’ as Damian Marley says, and only if we’re willing to employ the necessary level of strength and fortitude will we keep up with our mission to spread as much joy and upliftment as we can.

We aren’t here to give in to the low qualities that have trapped so many others to this plane and the limitation that comes with it – we’re here to completely transcend anything and everything that could ever hold us back as we welcome the balanced and uplifted qualities that’ll bring us and everyone around us back into the light.

Practicing selfless service will help us strengthen our willingness to remain in an uplifted space, and when we can stop thinking as much about ourselves as we do others, the joy of the service that’ll result will help us find the wholeness that’s been missing for so many of us.

I’m learning a lot of things in this transformative time, and hopefully, you’re all learning similar important lessons that are helping you not only cope with life, but wholeheartedly embrace it.

I think we’re meant to embrace life, and it should go without saying that we aren’t meant to deprive ourselves of fun or enjoyable experiences that provide an unprecedented sense of upliftment and harmony. Even though we aren’t here to think solely about ourselves, we are here to do things that bring us into the purest versions of ourselves we can attain.

We’re here to get out of our homes every once and a while and do something that fills us with joy and wholeness, and personally, I enjoy going out to nature and feeling Gaia’s harmonious vibrations permeate everything around me.

No matter what we enjoy; what fills us with a level of passion that’s unlike any we’ve felt or witnessed so far, we’re meant to pursue it with every ounce of ourselves. We aren’t necessarily here to work away or follow rigid schedules that eventually drag on our sense of enjoyment, but we are here to work as hard as we can to raise the collective vibration.

Sometimes, this means producing spiritually inspired material that uplifts others, but other times, it means doing whatever we enjoy in a setting we enjoy.

I recently made the decision to take my laptop or notebook out to nature and write or channel in that setting, for example, because as great as living in my own home is (and it is great), sometimes, retreating out to a more expanded and natural setting is the best thing one can do.

Overall, I’m learning that strength and the willingness to enjoy our lives instead of endlessly working away are two of the best qualities we can embrace in this increasingly apparent new paradigm. I hope to hear very soon that some of you have discovered and acted on similar revelations, because if we’ve learned anything by now, it’s that we’re meant to enjoy ourselves and our existence.

Even though we’re going to face stressful situations sometimes, we aren’t meant to endlessly stress, worry or see life through a depressed or oppressed lens.

The time for all of that trouble has passed, and we’re here to anchor the Aquarian qualities of love, joy, upliftment, and most importantly, freedom. Be free, fellow seekers, and don’t let anything – especially yourselves – take your newfound freedom away from you.

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  1. Fantastic Wes! So true. The more we full ourselves up with positive love and light, the less negative energies can cling on to us. It is hard to stay in a place of perpetual peace as we inhabit our Earthly lives. Things come up and knock us back every once in a while. We have come into these lives and human bodies to learn what that feels like. As much as it is important to learn to thrive in these bodies, it is just as important to recognize the crummy moments for what they are, an opportunity! Your soul came in to this life to have the opportunity toexperience good moments and bad moments. The next time you find yourself having a bad moment, recognize it. Tell yourself, “well, now I’ve experienced a crappy moment like this. I can check this off my soul’s bucket list. Done! Check! Now I’m ready to welcome a good moment or something even better.” Then, go find something that makes you feel happy…fill yourself up with that feeling…and press on! Keep living in the moment. ♡♡♡


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